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Tattoo Ideas for Zodiac Sign Leo

Tattoo Ideas for Zodiac Sign Leo
If you are of the opinion that zodiac tattoos are the right choice for you, then you certainly have a large variety of designs to choose from. Along with other zodiac signs, there are a number of designs related to Leo from which you can choose.
Bhakti Satalkar
Zodiac signs have been objects of admiration for a very long period of time. People who believe in them want to get themselves zodiac tattoos. Not only in America are people fascinated with them, but it is the same the world over. Almost all the cultures which exist on the face of earth have their own version.
People who are born between 23rd July and 22nd August fall under Leo. Leos are fond of tattoos as they have a liking for dramatics. The other attributes attached to them are warmth, generosity, pompousness, and bossiness. Very often, you will see that the tattoos are lions and the colors used include gold and ruby. However, there are other designs which can be considered as well.
Ideas and Designs
Fat Line zodiac Icons
Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac. It is a masculine sign which is ruled by the sun. You can get tattoos made either on the shoulders, wrists, arms, or back. There are a number of celebrities who have got these done for themselves. Some of the celebrities include Robbie Williams, Christian Slater, Rod Stewart, etc.
Lion, the king of the jungle, is the symbol of the Leo constellation. The image of a lion fits well with the personality as they often are people who live their life king size. There are different versions of these. You can use a flowing mane to make a large and majestic design.
Crown on the lion
For a variation, you can also use a crown on the lion. There are also tribal designs available in this category. It normally consists of a picture of the head of the lion and it is usually made in black color.
If you want your lion to be in sync with religion, you can make use of the Lion of Judah iconography. It was the symbol of the ancient tribe of Judah. After the death of Jesus Christ, a number of Christians took Lion of Judah to symbolize Jesus.
Chinese lion
There are also Chinese lion tattoos. In the Chinese culture, a lion is said to have strong and protective powers. There are lion images used on flags of a number of countries. The flag of Scotland, Belgium, etc. do have an image of a lion.
Lion Flame
Fire is the element which rules the sun sign. Hence, there is a close connection to these flames. You can make use of flames in your design to make an incredible looking pattern. Bright colors and strong, bold lines add to the beauty of the flames. An idea can be to have flames starting at the wrist and extending up the arms. You can also have flames behind the image of a lion.
vector sun with tiger face in the centre
Since the zodiac is ruled by the sun, you can certainly make use of the sun to make your tattoo. There is also an option of using tribal sun designs. The sun can also be used in conjunction with the lion. If you only want to use the sun, you can make use of the sun with a face and rays emanating from all over the body.
Astrological Signs
The astrological sign of Leo is a snake which curls up in the form of a 'U'. If you do not want an elaborate tattoo, you can just use this. Else, you can also use it to combine other designs like the lion, the sun, or the flames.
If written letters fascinate you, then you can choose to get a tattoo in any script. You can use the Arabic script, the Japanese Kanji script, etc.
These tattoos can easily be adapted for both girls and guys. You can add different designs to make the tattoos look unique. Girls can add flowers to make the design look more feminine, delicate, and soft. Guys can make the lion's mane flow in the air and give it a terrific look. There are people who choose to get the face of the lion made on the knees and the feet on the leg. It looks like the majestic lion is on its prowl. You will have to use your imagination and make your tattoo look different.