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Aries Tattoo Designs

If you are astrologically inclined and born under the Aries sun sign, you may want to know about Aries tattoo designs. The ensuing write-up brings some really unique and interesting tattoo ideas for the Aries sign.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel, and people born between 21st March and 19th April fall under this sun sign. This sun sign occurs at the time of the spring equinox, when both daylight and night are of equal duration. The 'ram' represents this sign in the zodiac wheel. The 'ram' in the Greek mythology is associated with the ram of the golden fleece, who is said to have carried the son and daughter of Athamus to Colchis, so that they could escape their step mother. The 'ram' also represents Ares, the God of War of the Greeks, and Mars, the Roman equivalent. The most common characteristics associated with the ram are leadership, wisdom, strength, and courage. Hence, it is very clear as to why the ram was chosen as the 'mascot' for this sun sign. There are a number of tattoo designs and variations, in which, an Arian ram can be used.
Aries Zodiac Tattoo Designs
If you have to search the Internet for Aries tattoo designs, you will come across a number of ideas. There are numerous ways, in which, designs incorporating the Aries symbol can be created for men as well as women. Basic outlines as well as complicated, yet stylized representations of the ram can be made. The glyph of the Aries sun sign is a simple 'Y' shape figure, where the top of its arms arch outward. It is the simplicity of the tattoo glyph, which enables it to be incorporated with other tattoo designs. There are a number of designs for women using the glyph where the 'Y' can be the wing base of a butterfly or it can also be turned into a vase or bouquet.
Decorative Aries Glyph
If you are looking for masculine tattoos, then the tribal tattoo designs are apt for you. The most common design in this category is a glyph along with handles of a sword. The color used to make tribal tattoos is often black, but other colors, like red can also be used to make tattoos, as it a noted color of Aries zodiac.
There are numerous ways, in which, the glyph can be made. It can be a natural portrait, which will lend a simplistic beauty to the design. Another very popular design for girls and guys is a ram's head butting through the wearer's skin. The glyph can also be surrounded by flames, as Aries is a fire sign. A very popular option is where a ram's image is inked in a way, which gives a similar appearance as stained glass. Some people choose to combine the symbol with dust storm. The War God wearing the Aries symbol as a breastplate is a different design, which you may want to opt for.
The specialty of zodiac tattoos is that, they can be combined with just about any other symbol, which has a special significance to the wearer. Flower tattoos are often combined by women folk with the glyph. Musical notes is another design, which you can see often combined with the glyph. The creative minds can also choose to morph the glyph into different designs.
Aries Ram with Fish Tail
The 'V' of the 'Y' can be made novel by turning it into a heart shape. The other alternative is to intertwine it with religious symbols or, maybe, with a shield, which is similar to a family crest. It is the unique appearance of the ram, which makes it easy to combine it with a number of Celtic tattoo designs or with Gothic motifs to make unique designs. If you are fond of constellations then you can also opt for Aries symbols with stars depicting its constellation. The stars of the constellation can be placed on the chosen area and connected to each other to create an outline of the Aries zodiac. Although it looks simple, it leaves an impact.
An Aries tattoo can be best placed on body parts, such as, the shoulders, ankles, upper back, or on the wrists. They can also be inked side by side to show intimacy. Before you choose a particular Aries icon to get inked with, you may want to consider talking to your tattoo artist. The artist may be able to come up with a unique design by combining a number of patterns to tattoo you with.