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Heart Tattoos for Women

Girija Shinde Jan 9, 2019
One of the latest ways of adorning oneself is to make tattoos. Along with adorning, if you want to show your love for someone, get a heart tattoo done. Here is more on such tattoos.
Heart tattoo designs are in vogue since 1900s. These tattoos were considered to be a symbol of soul as well as love. Some religions believe that heart is the spiritual center of every human being.
Nowadays, people get heart tattoos to symbolize their love; love for their beloved, for mom, dad, or even for themselves! These tattoos are one of the most sought after feminine tattoo designs as they look vibrant and one can also ink the name of their beloved in it.


Heart tattoos are not just made of simple hearts; they also include different shapes and designs. Generally, there is a distinct classification of tattoos for men and for girls. However, heart tattoo designs are such that they can be etched by both women and men.
There are many heart tattoo designs like heart(s) with cupid, heart(s) with two lovebirds, or lady bug in the heart tattoo. Women usually choose heart tattoos with a flower tattoo design. The designs also depends on the part of the body where it is done. If it is done on the wrist, it can be small and simple, but if it is done on the arm, it can be detailed.

Celtic Heart

Celtic heart tattoos have designs of knots circling the heart. These tattoos are used mostly to symbolize the bond of love between two hearts as the hearts are interconnected with the knots and loops.
They are also worn by women to symbolize never ending phase of love. One of the famous Celtic heart tattoo is a crowned heart held by two hands. It is known as 'claddagh'. Besides knots and loops, Celtic heart tattoos can be made in spiral designs also. Spirals designs have two meanings.
If the spirals are opening to the right, they symbolize the sun and if they are opening to the left, they symbolize the earth. Celtic design tattoos with hearts are also known as love knot tattoos because they are said to symbolize the union of two souls.

Tribal Heart

Tribal heart tattoos are famous among women. These tattoos are quite elaborate. They are famous for the black ink as it displays a contrast so that they can be easily seen.
Women prefer to have delicate tribal tattoos and prefer to wear them on ankles, though they can be worn on any location, like Sandra Bullock has a tribal heart tattoo below her navel. To personalize the tattoo, you can ink the name of your beloved on it.

Heart with Wings

Heart with wings tattoos look simply great. You can use colors like blue for the wings, which will give them a realistic look.
These tattoos have a dual meaning. The wings symbolize freedom and the heart symbolizes love. So in totality, they symbolize love in which one has freedom. Such tattoos can be worn on any location, however they look better on the lower back.

Broken Heart

Another design available is broken heart tattoos. As the name suggests, these tattoos symbolize a broken heart.
Dealing with a break up is not easy for all; it is said that sorrow decreases if you share it. Some people choose not to share their sorrow with anyone, and broken heart tattoos can work as a vent for them. These tattoos are available in many designs such a stitched heart or a heart with a knife in it.
Heart tattoos can be done on the lower back in many designs and they are more famous in women, as they have a better chance of flaunting them than men. Whichever tattoo design you go for, remember to follow general safety precautions.