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Koi Fish Tattoos for Women

Koi Fish Tattoos for Women
Cultural symbol tattoos are gaining a lot of popularity among the youth today. One such example includes koi fish tattoos for women.
Kritika Parwani
Tattoos today not only represent the personality of the person, also tell us about their culture. If you are looking for such cultural and philosophical symbols, then a hot favorite among the youth today include Chinese and Japanese ones. When you think of Japanese tattoo art, many images pop into our head. But today, many ladies are discovering the beauty and richness of traditional Japanese tattoos that are ideal for feminine designs. One of the most popular ones are koi fish tattoos for women, which are not only culturally significant, but also represent your personality.
The Different Meanings
These symbols are very traditional, yet sexy and elegant. In Japan, the koi fish is the symbol of good luck. Not only do they look wonderful, they also have a very rich meaning behind them. It is believed that this fish swims miles and miles upstream to lay eggs so that the species continues. Japanese legends believe that these are mystical fish that swim upstream and finally reach the top gate of heaven, where they become beautiful dragons and fly off. Thus, they symbolize not only luck, but also strength, power, ambition, and individuality. So, if you are looking for a tattoo to symbolize the struggle faced by humans in the ocean of life, then the perfect choice is a Japanese koi fish tattoo.
The Myriad of Designs
Blue Koi Fish Tattoo
Red Spotted Koi Fish
Koi carp fish
Colorful koi fish tattoo
These symbols come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. They are very versatile, and look great almost everywhere, especially on the ankles and wrists. Traditionally, the color of this fish is golden-orange, but some people use different colors according to their preference or liking. Normally, bright colors should be used, as only then can it do justice for its industrious personality. The color scheme is a very important element. The beautiful bright orange, mixed with the blue of water, makes for an ideal design, which is intricate and versatile. Since they are traditional, they add a sort of foreign mystery to the air. One of the kinds of is the Yin Yang design of black and white. This is a very elegant and sophisticated design.

Also, these designs are very versatile. While some people like to get only the symbol on their body, others like to add splashing water or exotic lotus flowers to it. The designs can also be used to create zodiac signs, especially the Pisces. To make it more personalized, you can add cherry blossoms and even tribal dragons. While it all depends on the size and the body part on which they are inked, an efficient artist can give a magical and mystical look by showing the transformation of the koi fish into the dragon.
Koi fish tattoos are a growing trend. Even celebrities like Charlize Theron and her mother have matching tattoos of a koi fish, to represent the struggle her mother faced while battling breast cancer. Whether you want the design to represent something personal in your life, or are inspired by its meaning, getting a Japanese koi fish tattoo will be something that you will surely not regret!