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Rib Cage Tattoos for Women

Rib Cage Tattoos for Women
One of the main reasons for popularity of rib cage tattoos for women is ample space for large designs. Scroll down further to know more about rib cage tattoo ideas for women.
Bhakti Satalkar
Rib cage tattoos are made as a part of a back tattoo or chest tattoo or it might also be made independently. There are many designs of rib cage tattoos, which can be used as they are or they can also be modified to suit the wearer. The worst part of these tattoos is that getting these tattoos made can be very painful, as a human rib cage has 24 bones, which are arranged in 12 pairs. Tattooing on a bone is always painful, whether they are on the rib cage or on the ankle, but with tattoo aftercare, it will not be as painful. If statistics are to be believed, there are more women, who are sporting rib cage tattoos, as compared to men. It may be due to the fact, that women have more pain tolerating capacity than men.
Rib Cage Tattoo Design Ideas
Lettering and Script Tattoos
One of the common rib cage tattoo designs for women are favorite verses or quotes. If you are spiritual or religious, you may choose your favorite verses from the holy scriptures. If a particular quote is your all time favorite and if you want to show you stand by it, you choose to get the quote tattooed on your rib cage. Poems are also another wonderful option for rib cage tattoo design for women. When you get these words inked, you also have the option of choosing the font. Fonts, that have swirls and fine lines, give a very feminine touch to the tattoo.

The other side of lettering tattoo is to get a tattoo made in a different script other than English. You can choose from various scripts like Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, old English script, Sanskrit, etc. There are many celebrities, who sport these kind of lettering tattoos, among them are Megan Fox, Rihanna, etc.
Flower Tattoos
Rib cage tattoos for girls can never have a more feminine tattoo design than flower tattoos. These are all time favorites with women and girls alike. The commonly used flower tattoo designs are cherry blossoms, Hawaiian hibiscus, rose, lilies, lotus etc. The beauty of flower tattoos is that, your tattoo design can always be unique, due to a large variety of flower tattoo designs for girls, which are available. If you are creative enough, you may choose to design your own flower tattoo.
Marine Life Tattoos
Marine life fans can choose to get an intricate designs of marine life, like koi fish tattoo designs, whale, shark, dolphins or other fish tattoo designs. There are various animal tattoo designs for women, which have a lot of symbolic meaning attached to them. You may choose a marine animal, whose traits match with your personality. A tortoise, crocodile, etc. are some of the options which you may want to explore. In marine life tattoo designs, there is always the option of getting a black or a colorful tattoo made.
Butterfly and Birds Tattoos
Butterfly tattoo designs also make for wonderful rib cage tattoo designs. Bird tattoos are also popular tattoo designs for women. Swallow tattoo is an apt choice for a rib cage tattoo. This tattoo design symbolizes love for the family, health, wealth and loyalty, as swallows return to their homes, no matter where they have traveled. It can also be combined with butterfly tattoo designs or nautical star tattoo designs.
Black mermaid tattoo design
Birds And Star Tattoo
Hibiscus And hummingbird Tattoo
Nautical Star Tattoos
Nautical star tattoo designs are also very popular among women. If you and your partner are choosing to get identical tattoos made, this will make for a wonderful identical tattoo design. Depending on your choice, you can get a single nautical star tattoo made, or a tattoo with multiple stars.
Heart Tattoos
The other option, which you may want to consider, if you and your partner are getting a tattoo made on the rib cage is that of a heart. An idea would be to get one half of the heart tattooed on one partner and the other on the other partner. With this design, when both of you hug, it will give the look of a complete heart. Do I need to tell you the color which you can choose for this heart tattoo design?
Red Heart Tattoo
Cross With Rose And Heart
Tribal Tattoos
Black tribal dragon tattoo
There are a number of tribal tattoos, which can be used to make rib cage tattoo. There is a diverse range of tattoo designs, which are available in the tribal tattoos. You can use dragon tattoo designs, tribal flower tattoo designs, sun tattoo designs, etc. There are also Chinese dragon tattoo designs, which can symbolize your personality.
Aztec Tattoos
It is common to see people getting an Aztec tattoo after their visit to Mexico. In most cases, women want to soak themselves in beauty of the lost civilization. There are others, who are attracted to the mysticism attached to Aztec tattoos. Each of the Aztec tattoo designs have some meaning attached to it. You can use a tattoo design, with whose meaning you identify the most to make a rib cage tattoo. Added to it is the fact, that there are numerous designs from which one can choose, suiting one's personality. Some of the popular designs include Aztec calender, Aztec eagle, tortoise, sun god, warrior, etc.
Celtic Tattoos
Celtic tattoos are known for their timeless beauty and grace. The Celtic butterfly is among the most popular Celtic tattoo design for women. Other than the beauty of a butterfly, it has also become popular because of the meaning attached to a butterfly. The other popular designs are Celtic knot, Celtic Cross, Celtic Shamrock, Celtic Heart, Tree of Life and not to forget the Claddagh tattoo designs. Dogs, eagle, birds, dragon, raven, etc. are some of the other Celtic tattoo designs, which have also gone onto become very popular among tattoo aficionados.
Butterfly Tattoo Design
Celtic Tattoo design
Rose and Swallow Design
Zodiac Tattoos
Of late zodiac tattoo designs have become very popular. Every zodiac sign has several symbols, due to which there is a huge variety of designs available from which one can choose from. These designs can either be made in black or they can be made colorful depending on the wearer personal liking and choice of designs available.
Other Tattoo Designs
There are numerous other tattoo designs, which one can use. Among them is a barbed wire tattoo. You can have the tattoo running on your rib cage, but not a large tattoo. If you and your partner decide to a get a rib cage tattoo, when you can opt for a rib cage tattoo along with a heart. Cross tattoo with wings is another interesting tattoo design, which can be used to make a rib cage tattoo. On the same lines, a heart with wings is also a great tattoo design to be made on the rib cage. The wings can be spread on either side of the rib cage.
Angel Tattoo Design
Tribal Fairy Tattoo
Yin and yang tattoo
I hope from this article on rib cage tattoos for women, you have gathered a lot of rib cage tattoo ideas for women. My suggestion, as far as these tattoos, are concerned is that you should choose a tattoo which symbolizes your personality. You can talk to the tattoo artist and decide on the tattoo design for yourself. Last but not the least, remember getting these tattoos made is going to be painful.
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Thorny on dragon body
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Sports woman fighting
Deer head illustration
Butterfly illustration set