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Tattoo Designs for Girls

Tattoo Designs for Girls
Tattoo is a design drawn on the body by inserting ink into skin. Though traditionally they occupied an important place in the mores of various tribes all over the world, it has now emerged as a popular fashion trend. Here are some popular tattoo designs for girls...
Debopriya Bose
Last Updated: May 5, 2018
Tattooing is an ode to artwork in which we offer our body as a canvas to the artist's needle. Although more popular with men, tattoos have caught the attention of women, and their popularity among girls is catching up. Tattoo designs for girls are stunning and gorgeous. They highlight the feminine grace and features, typical of a woman. Besides its visual appeal, tattoo designs for women have specific meanings and can be worn to denote special emotions. Although tattoos can be worn on any part of the body, most women prefer to wear them on the lower back, on the side of the hip, shoulder, legs or on the ankle. Specific foot tattoos are also in vogue.
Popular Girly Tattoos
A few decades back, some celebrities started displaying tattoos in public. This made tattooing more common and socially acceptable. These days, colored tattoos are gaining more and more popularity in all parts of the world. 'Tattoo art' has crossed all boundaries of nations and all barriers of casts and creeds. Tattoos usually convey some story and girls often choose meaningful tattoos. Some tattoos represent boldness while some come with hidden meaning. Take a look at the popular tattoos that are feminine in design.
Butterfly Tattoos
Pink butterfly tattoo
Colorful butterfly tattoo
Butterfly tattoo designs are one of the most popular designs among women. These designs emphasize the feminine influence on tattoo culture. Bright colors, small size, and association with flowers haves given these designs a feminine attribute. Butterfly tattoos make a good choice for one's first tattoo. A small, colorful butterfly can be worn on one's ankle, shoulder or on the corner of the hip that accentuates the soft grace of a woman's body. Butterfly tattoo designs symbolize freedom, good luck, love, and rebirth in different cultures.
Flower Tattoos
Red flower tattoo
Black and white rose tattoo
It is needless to speak about the association between flowers and women. Besides the flowers themselves, these designs can be accompanied with twisting tendrils and leaves of all shapes. The petals give the artist freedom to touch every color on his pallet. The oldest of the flower tattoo designs for women are the rose tattoos. Tattooed red roses stand for love, romance and courage. Pink roses symbolize admiration and grace. White roses speak of eternal love and innocence, whereas rosebuds represent youth and beauty. The other popular flower tattoos for girls include lily - that denotes purity, cherry blossom - that represents female beauty and love in Chinese culture, and the lotus flower tattoo - that symbolizes purity and spiritual awakening.
Fairy Tattoos
Fairies tattoo
Fairy tattoo
A fairy is a female mythological figure that is beautiful and has magical powers. She can fly, cast a spell and foresee the future. Fairy tattoos are recent inclusions in the world of tattoos for girls. Fairies are cute and beautiful and their visual appeal can be enhanced by combining them with other tattoo designs like the angel tattoo, butterfly tattoo and also one's zodiac sign. Fairies blend very well with celtic designs. Fairy tattoos symbolize youth and vigor. They stand for fulfillment of one's wishes and hold a special appeal to those who cherish the innocence and fond memories of their childhood.
Heart Tattoos
Red heart tattoo
Arrow in heart tattoo
Depending on how the design is made and what elements it is combined with, a heart tattoo can be used to represent a variety of emotions in relationships, from love and passion to heartbreak and pain. They are popular among young women, and often combined with the name of a loved one. A dagger heart tattoo symbolizes courage or struggle while a sacred heart tattoo represents Christ. Combined with wings, these tattoos depict freedom while black heart tattoos symbolize sorrow.
Dolphin Tattoos
Dolphin on waves tattoo
Blue dolphin outline tattoo
A dolphin tattoo is a versatile tattoo available in a wide variety of designs and shapes. It can be made more appealing when worn in the form of a celtic or tribal tattoo design. Dolphins are one of the most loved mammals and are known for their friendly nature. Dolphin tattoo designs are all about joy, fun, exuberance, and peace. Dolphin designs are one of the most popular tattoo ideas for girls for the simple reason of the beauty and feminine appeal of the creature.
Besides the popular girly tattoos, those with a belief in astrology can flaunt their zodiac signs in small feminine designs. For a touch of authenticity one can use colors associated with each zodiac sign. The same popular tattoo designs for girls can be made in the form of tribal tattoo designs or celtic tattoos as well. Although these tattoos characteristically are bold and mostly filled in black ink, small tattoos with typical tribal patterns hold special attraction for female tattoo lovers. Boys say that girls with tattoos look sexy and attractive!
For the first few decades since tattoos became popular as a valuable form of body art, the idea of women getting tattoos was not socially accepted. However, over the last 20 years, more and more women are getting themselves tattooed. A tattoo is merely a fashion accessory that girls love to flaunt. People no more judge the character of a girl just by looking at the tattoos she has. With this increasing popularity, greater varieties of girly tattoos are emerging.
Black dragons tattoo
Set of butterflies black and white
Strong tattooed woman
Butterfly vector art
Fashion girl with tattoo
Vector design on fish