Tantalizing Hip Tattoos for Girls That Don't Skimp on Style

Hip tattoo design
Hip tattoos for girls have become a rage due to the sensual placement of this tattoo. The hip area does not have too much of fat or muscle therefore, getting a tattoo inked on the hip is painful, as you can feel the needle pressing down on to the bones and nerves.
Likewise, one can expose the tattoo, when one wears a low-waist jeans or when one is walking on the beach wearing a bikini. Small tattoos are preferred as a teaser, when they wear a bikini or low-waist pants.
Floral Designs
Amongst the various feminine tattoo designs chosen, flowers are most common, especially red roses. Other than roses, there are numerous flowers one can choose from. If you want to unleash your creative side, then one can draw a flower following one's thought process and can either be colorful or simple black and white.
Fairy Designs
If you have to look around, you will come across a number of fairy tattoo designs. These days there are a number of funny designs, which can add some humor to your tattoo, if you do not want the oft-beaten fairy design.
Butterfly Designs
There is no doubt that butterflies make for graceful feminine designs. To make a butterfly tattoo design stand out and unique, different color schemes can be used. A perched butterfly, a flying butterfly, a butterfly dance, etc. are some of the designs that attract people. Size of a butterfly tattoo can be really small to huge, yet it will retain its charm.
Heart Designs
Hearts as tattoo designs can never go out of fashion. There is a huge variety of heart tattoo designs which can also be combined with the name or the initials of your lover as well. The other alternative is to add the wedding date or any other special or important date in your life with your partner to the heart tattoo.
Leaves Designs
A large number of girls nowadays are choosing designs of intertwined leaves or vines of leaves. Different types of leaves such as maple, clover leaves are famous where you can add color to them and give any desired look.
Dolphin Designs
A number of animal lovers opt for dolphin designs while getting inked. The commonly used designs include a diving dolphin, a dolphin pair, a swimming dolphin, etc. If aquatic animals is something, you are fond of, then getting a mermaid along with a dolphin makes for an interesting tattoo design.
You can get any kind of tattoo design tattooed on your hip, however it should do justice to the pain that you will have to endure while getting the tattoo made. At the same time, remember, it is very painful to remove the tattoo. Hence, choose a tattoo design that you have really liked. I will suggest you get a temporary tattoo made. If you like the temporary tattoo you can choose to get a permanent one made as well.

Tattoos on lower back and hips are in fashion and this fashion is here to stay. Although painful, you can choose to get a nice feminine tattoo made and flaunt it as well. So that you receive compliments for all the pain you endured, while getting yourself tattooed.