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Small Tattoos for Women

Small Tattoos for Women
When it comes to tattoos, many women prefer ones that are tiny in size. They can be easily hidden and look very delicate. Here are some interesting tattoo ideas for you to make the best pick.
Girija Shinde
Star tattoo on woman body
Small tattoo designs are popular amongst women because they look more delicate and feminine. These tattoos are also used to hide a birthmark, or a blemish.
Another reason for their popularity is that some women are not comfortable with big tattoos that cover the entire hand, or leg. Such tattoos require minimum aftercare compared to big tattoos.There are many beautiful designs available in small tattoos. They are simple and elegant in their appeal.
Too much of color, or detailing can ruin their look. Also, it is always better to have a tattoo done with a meaning. Go for some deep feeling that you would want to acknowledge. It can be for someone you love -- a parent, friend, sibling, or your life partner. We have some small tattoo designs lined up for you, which will enable you to make a choice.
Tattoos are a very personal entity. You should always go for what makes you feel comfortable and what you love. Besides the ones presented below, other ideas include flowers, seahorses, feathers, and fairy tattoos as well. Before getting a tattoo, speak to people, who already have a tattoo.
Do your own personal research. Talk to your tattoo artist in advance, and ask him about his comfort level and personal style. If possible, meet more than one tattoo artist. When you have finalized a design along with the artist, only then get yourself inked. Satisfy yourself in every possible way as it is something that will be permanent.
An anchor is used by sea vessels to connect them to the bottom of the sea so that they do not drift away. Used in tattoos, anchors generally represent strength, stability, safety, security, firmness, and hope. Some people claim it to be the symbol of luck as well. This tattoo has religious connotations, too. It is believed to be one of the many initial signs of the "cross."
Spot on: A tiny anchor tattoo on your wrist, or ankle is perfect. It goes well with the symbolism of the tattoo. You can even have it on the back of your shoulder, or on the tailbone.
birds tattoo
A bird tattoo is a symbol of freedom and inspiration. A bird is considered to be independent, colorful, and living on its own will. The tattoo bearer of a bird symbolizes the same, especially the tattoo of a flying bird(s). Every bird bears its own significance. Most of them are positive, except for a vulture and crow. Tattoos that are really tiny or relatively small have a unique visual appeal to them.
Spot on: A tattoo of two, or three tiny flying birds on the back of the shoulder, or on the shoulder looks very appealing. A detailed tattoo of a swallow/sparrow on the ankle, or neck can look very sexy. A bird with its wings spread out near the tailbone is also a great choice to go for.
bow tattoos
Bows are really cute and feminine. They have always been used by women to decorate themselves and add a touch of vanity. They are used as accessories to one's waist, hair, clothes, ankles, and wrists. These tattoos do not have any significance as such. But a pink bow tattoo is usually done in memory of somebody who has fought cancer, or someone who has lost the fight to cancer.
Spot on: Bow tattoos can look really pretty on wrists and ankles in the place of jewelry. A tiny bow tattoo behind the ear, or on the neck is also an option. Many women get bow tattoos done where garter bands are placed.
butterfly tattoos
Butterflies are a perfect symbol of intricacy and femininity. Their beautiful colors and unique pattern make them the most amazing creatures of the world. In Japan, one butterfly symbolizes womanhood while two symbolizes happiness in marriage. It also stands for a great change in the life of a person. In China, it is believed to be a sign of prosperity, joy, and good luck. In the Greek culture, it symbolizes the journey of a soul.
Spot on: The shoulder, or on the back of the shoulder is the perfect spot for portraying these tiny beauties. You can also get one on your tailbone. A tiny one on the finger looks cool, too.
cat tattoos
Cats are supposed to be symbols of thieves. A single cat symbolizes an individual act while a group of cats is used for a gang. They are also believed to be ancient symbols of the guardians of the otherworld. They can also symbolize cleverness and quickness. Known for their mysterious look, they may even symbolize mystery and supernatural powers.
Spot on: Cat tattoos look best on your ankles, or behind the neck. The second choice would be on the side of your ribs. They look pretty on lower back as well.
crown tattoos
Crowns are the symbols of royalty, authority, sovereignty, and rule. A crown can even symbolize something as trivial as "daddy's princess." Crowns can also be used in their literal sense as symbols by groups, such as Kings, or Queens. They are also used along with hearts and other symbols of luck to enhance their appeal and value.
Spot on: Crown tattoos look the best when done on your tailbone. They also look appealing on shoulders, or on the nape of the neck. Tiny crowns can look great on fingers, too.
dolphin tattoos
Dolphins are sea creatures that are known for their friendliness. They thus symbolize friendship. They also are known to represent grace, playfulness, intelligence, and during the olden times, power. Some believe that a dolphin also symbolizes duality in nature as it lives in water but breathes the air outside.
Spot on: You can get small and cute dolphin tattoos done and displayed on your lower back. Even the shoulder (or on back of the shoulder) is a good place for it. A little distance above the ankle also serves as a perfect spot for this tattoo.
footprint tattoo
Tiny footprints of babies, cats, or dogs are very popular. A footprint tattoo of anything in particular symbolizes its importance in your life. A baby footprint symbolizes how a baby has left a mark in your life. It means the same for dogs and cats, too.
Spot on: A tiny footprint mark on the nape of your neck looks elegant. Even footprints going up your arm, or back look really creative. Tattoos on the sides of your ribs look good, too.
Geometric Shapes
geometry tattoo
Geometric shapes make for really genteel tattoos. From concentric circles to triangles and hexagons, they look classy and different. A circle stands for protection and its eternal shape. A triangle is known for its religious symbolism, like the Christian trinity. Squares and rectangles symbolize honesty and trustworthiness. Spirals are the symbols of creativity and mysticism.
Spot on: Geometric designs have no limit when it comes to where they look their best. Your imagination is the limit. Get creative and have these classy tattoos done at the spot you love the best.
heart tattoos
You do not have to be a genius to know what a heart tattoo symbolizes. It stands for love, passion, friendship, trust, hope, and faith. Hearts are the carriers of emotions, and these tattoos can be used as a symbol to emphasize the power of a certain emotion in your life. They can also be used to represent the people you love.
Spot on: Heart tattoos look great on the nape of the neck, or on the ankles. The back part of the shoulder and tailbone make great places, too. The wrist, or arm is also a prominent place to showcase a heart tattoo.
infinity tattoos
Infinity tattoos obviously symbolize infinity. They are the best way to express your love for someone, or your passion to be with them for an infinite amount of time. Originally a mathematical symbol, the infinity symbol has been used by people as a tattoo to symbolize their never-ending emotions.
Spot on: An infinity tattoo looks the best on the side of a finger, or on the wrist. Due to their deep meaning, their display should be in prominent places. The nape of the neck, or tailbone is also a great choice. A tattoo behind the ear serves as an imaginative choice of place, too.
moon tattoo
The moon that we see in the night-lit sky is a symbol of its own cyclic nature and stands for renewal, sensuality, and mysticism. It also symbolizes magic and feminine power. It is also believed by few that the moon stands for the negative energy at night that is used by witches. The crescent moon is most commonly inked as a tattoo.
Spot on: A moon tattoo looks the best on your wrist, or ankle. It also looks great on the nape of your neck, or the shoulders. A similar tattoo with two, or three stars around it also looks the best. Similar tattoos on the arm, right below the shoulder look great as well.
Music Notes
music note tattoo
Music notes look very creative and unique. They are the best option for women, who love, or play music. Music notes symbolize love and passion for music and melody. These notes are for people, who are deeply in love with melody.

Spot on: Music notes look great on the nape of the neck, or behind the ear. They also look stunning when a single note is featured on your wrist, or ankle. Three, or four notes together look great on the shoulder, or back.
star tattoo
Stars stand for aspirations, luminosity, and knowledge. They can represent important changes in one's life. Nautical stars are symbols of guidance and security. A pentagram is a symbol of balance. A six-pointed star is a symbol of Judaism while a seven-pointed star symbolizes integration. An eight-pointed star represents fullness while a nine-pointed star stands for stability in life.
Spot on: A star can be placed anywhere on the body. The wrist, ankles, and the nape of the neck are the most common places. The tailbone and the back part of the shoulder are also great places for them.
Words and Letters
words tattoo
Another popular style of tattoos is to have words, or letters as tattoos. They are small and perfect for women, who do not want too much of ink. Words that have a deep meaning to you can be tattooed. Also, the first letter of the name of your loved one, or your own can also be tattooed. Other letters that have a meaning to you can also be inked.
Spot on: All these can be tattooed either on your wrist, fingers, or ankles. Even the nape of your neck, or your tailbone is great for that matter. If you are daring enough, you can get the name of your beloved, or some special word tattooed right above your breast.
Yin Yang
yin-yang tattoo
The Chinese Yin Yang symbol depicts harmony and perfect balance. Thousands of years old, this symbol is believed to be the principle on which the world works. Where "yin" stands for all the material and earthy matters, "yang" stands for everything that is opposite of yin. The two opposites together symbolize how everything is necessary to make the world a complete place.
Spot on: Due to its deep meaning, a yin yang tattoo is best placed on the back part of the shoulder, or the nape of the neck. You can even have it tattooed on your hand -- anywhere from the upper arm to the wrist. Even right below the thumb is a good spot.
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