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Is Aquaphor Helpful in a Tattoo Healing Process?

Aquaphor for tattoo can work wonders to speed up the healing process. The antibiotic ointment can keep infections at bay as well as keep the skin moisturized, which is critical for healing the tattooed area.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Did You Know?
In case tattooing causes swelling, redness, or rash that does not go away after a few days, one should immediately seek medical attention from a qualified doctor.
A tattoo that you have inked on your skin is actually an open wound. The needle used for making the tattoo penetrates deep into the skin. The puncture wound formed in most cases heals within a fortnight, provided you do not ignore its aftercare. If you ignore this final aspect of your art work, rest assured you will end up messing your tattoo. So tattoo aftercare is extremely important and when done using the right products can go a long way in speeding up the healing process.
Aquaphor is one of the many products suggested in tattoo aftercare. Tattoo artists often advice their customers to use Aquaphor as it is found to aid the healing process. Though expensive as a tattoo aftercare ointment, it certainly works. So by all means do not avoid buying just because it is slightly pricey. Following are the benefits of using Aquaphor in tattoo aftercare.
How Aquaphor is Helpful in Tattoo Healing Process?
Prevents Infection
Aquaphor is often prescribed to facilitate healing of tattoos. As the process of tattooing breaches the skin, the risk of infection always exists. However, an easy way to considerably minimize infection risk is to use Aquaphor. The ointment contains bisabolol, a powerful antibacterial agent that can surely address this problem. It has been formulated to keep the tattoo safe from any sort of infection.
Conserves Tattoo Moisture
It is also necessary to keep the tattoo moist so that it doesn't dry out. Keeping the tattoos dry and flaky for long can cause heavy scabbing. The tattoo appears faded in places where the scab has fallen off. To avoid this and to maintain the look of the tattoo, apply Aquaphor daily as it preserves the moisture of the skin. Aquaphor simply helps to keep the tattoo slightly moist during the healing period, which works to enhance tattoo color and prevent scabbing.
Relieves Itchiness
Itchy skin is common during the tattoo healing process. However, one should avoid scratching as it not only can aggravate the itch but can also trigger a secondary infection. An easy way to alleviate the itchy sensation is to apply a thin layer of Aquaphor. So when your tattoo itches, applying small amount of Aquaphor can certainly work to clear up the itchy flares.
How Long to Use Aquaphor for Tattoo
Using it for the first 2-3 days after tattooing is a must to protect the skin from any sort of infection. However, in most cases, tattoo artists recommend its usage at least for the first 7 days. For the remaining part, applying a thin coat of non-fragrance lotion such as Aveeno, Lubriderm, or Curél is advised. However, it is fine even if you apply Aquaphor for the entire duration of healing. As far as frequency of use, one can apply it 3 to 4 times a day.
Although Aquaphor is helpful, make sure that you use it sparingly. Excess application is absolutely unnecessary and will actually suck out the ink from the skin, leaving it uneven and unsightly. Moreover, too much application can prolong the healing as it leaves hardly any room for your tattoo to breathe.

On the whole, if you want to heal your tattoo quickly, don't forget to use Aquaphor. Wound healing on tattooed skin can become much easier and almost entirely pain-free with Aquaphor. Its daily application will ensure that you experience maximum comfort during the healing process.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a professional tattoo artist.