Flaming Heart Tattoo

The flaming heart is one of the hottest tattoo designs today. Presented below is information on its meaning and designs ideas.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
As tattoos are a form of self-expression, one has a myriad choice of designs and patterns to choose from. However, among all these designs, the heart remains the most invincible tattoo design today. A heart tattoo can be made in different forms depending on the meaning the wearer wishes to convey. Intertwined hearts, heart with wings, a bleeding heart, and the flaming heart are some popular forms.
Tattoo Meaning
Love is the most obvious and universal symbolism of the heart, and tattoos depicting the heart are made by people to express their love for their beloved. A heart stands for love, relationship, and commitment. A flaming heart specifically represents passion for something or someone. Sporting this tattoo can mean that the wearer is passionate about his relationship or beloved, or even about other things in his life like work or a hobby (the latter meaning is quite rare!). The steady flame on the heart stands for the never-ending spirit. Secondly, the heart tattoo also has a religious significance like the scared heart of Jesus Christ. The religious symbolism and the expression of love, together make the heart tattoo one of the most popular tattoo designs today.
Design Ideas
Flaming Heart Wings
Burning Hearts
Cartoon Heart With Dagger
Flaming Heart Vector
Flame Heart
Heart And Fire
Burning Heart
Heart with eye and fire
Most of the time, these tattoos are made in red, but, you can experiment by mixing and using other colors like orange, yellow, amber, blue, black, etc. You can even personalize your tattoo by inscribing the name or initials of your beloved. Popular tattoo designs include intertwined hearts, heart with a dagger, heart with wings, surrounded by flames. Sometimes, for a milder and sober tattoo design, you can have the flames surrounding the heart, painted in white. However, one needs to be careful when using white color for tattoo as it suits only specific skin colors.
These tattoos can be made on any part of the body like arms, shoulder, chest, back, lower back, abdomen, etc. Secondly, a heart tattoo design should be made in a small or medium size as an extra large size will make it look drab. On the other hand, you can also go for the Celtic or tribal heart tattoos as they too look equally fashionable. The sacred flaming heart, drawn with a cross on top of the heart, is usually done by believers in religious practices.
Once you have decided to go for it, you should have a tattoo made from a professional tattoo artist. A flaming heart tattoo will always remain in vogue, forever. Good luck!