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Hibiscus Flower Tattoos

Hibiscus Flower Tattoos
If you are thinking of going for a flower tattoo, then do consider hibiscus flower tattoos. Browse through the various hibiscus tattoo designs given in this ThoughtfulTattoos piece, and pick something bright and elegant.
Girija Shinde
Flower tattoos are always in demand due to their vibrant colors and delicate nature, especially amongst women. There are so many flowers available that each of them can be used as a tattoo design! Another reason why flower tattoos are popular is that these tattoos can be easily modified and personalized to one's wish. For example, if you want to make your rose tattoo to be extensive, you can add different designs like vines and butterflies to it, which will actually enhance the beauty of the flower! Hibiscus flower tattoo designs belong to Hawaiian tattoo art. 'Kakau' is what tattooing is called in Hawaii and it has a long history. Hawaiian tattoo designs were and still are mostly based on natural forces like water, animals, flowers etc. Along with these, tribal tattoos are also a major part in Hawaiian tattoo art. Tribal tattoos are incorporated with various other Hawaiian designs―hibiscus flower being one of the major ones.
Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Meaning
The delicacy and beautiful colors of the hibiscus flower always attract tattooers. There are several meanings to this flower tattoos. Firstly, hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii island. So people who are mesmerized by the beauty of Hawaii, depict this flower in their tattoos as the symbol of Hawaii. The natives of Hawaii also prefer this flower tattoo to other tattoo designs. Hibiscus is also said to be a symbol of purity. So many times, people get a white hibiscus done as a symbol of the purity of their soul. Not only this, hibiscus also stands for loyalty, this is why many girls opt for a hibiscus flower surrounded by their partner's name.
Another reason why hibiscus is so popular is that it is considered a symbol of life. The reason behind this is quite simple, hibiscus blooms for a very short time, and that is why people consider it just like life, which too, is short. Hawaiian people also believe that this delicate flower teaches us to seize any opportunity at hand. By the way, did you know one interesting fact about the hibiscus flower? Women of Hawaii wear hibiscus flowers behind their ear (we know, that's not that interesting) but the fact that they wear hibiscus behind their ear, only when they are ready for marriage! So if you are planning to go to Hawaii, remember this fact!
Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Designs
Single Flower
hibiscus single flower tattoo
If you are searching for a small tattoo design, hibiscus tattoo is the perfect choice for you. First of all, this is not a very small nor a very big flower, it exactly fits in the requirements for a small tattoo.
colorful hibiscus flower tattoo
Secondly, all varieties of hibiscus are brightly colored, so the tattoos are quite easily visible. A single yellow hibiscus can be made on the foot, bicep or wrist. If you want a unique look, use a light color below the flower, one which can look like a shadow. This will make the flower look like its floating.
Bunch of Hibiscus Flowers
color tattoo design of hibiscus-flowers.
If you are planning for a sleeve tattoo, a single hibiscus flower won't be sufficient. So you can opt for bunch of hibiscus flowers which are connected with leaves or you can simply interconnect them with the other hibiscus flowers. However, make sure that the colors match each other.
black-and-white hibiscus tattoo design
hibiscus-henna tattoo design
hibiscus bunch tattoo design
Different Floral Designs
floral tattoo design with hibiscus
You can easily incorporate different things like vines, leaves, stems, etc. along with the hibiscus. This will give a complete natural look to your tattoo. You can also include fictitious characters like fairies and angels with your hibiscus.
hibiscus colored tattoo design
This tat very easily fits in small tattoos, as well as full body tattoos by including other elements like coconut trees, lizards, vines, other flowers, floral patters, frog, koi, etc. Needless to say, tattoo care is a must for this tattoo as well. So take proper care and get ready to flaunt the bright hibiscus tattoo!
Tropical Hibiscus Bloom
Hibiscus Bloom Silhouette