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Skull Tattoos for Girls

Bhakti Satalkar Nov 18, 2018
These days, there are a number of girls who are asking for skull tattoos. These designs have become very popular with new age tattoo enthusiasts. Read on to know more about these motifs.
In the search for unique tattoos, skull designs have come into prominence, especially amongst girls. There is a wide variety of symbolic meanings attached to these. The meaning changes according to the skull that is used. There are a myriad ways of depicting the skulls, such that the wearer of the body art will be able to make a statement with it.
The skull is a universal symbol, which can easily be adapted to mean different things, from political to simply an artistic design with aesthetic merit. Hence, these designs are not meant for boys only, even girls can carry it off with aplomb.


The symbol of the skull is instinctive in human nature. A human skull, with eyes much larger than life display a degree of neoteny, which is appealing to a number of people. There are people who look at skull tattoos as protection from death. In that sense, it is seen as a talisman by many people, which is especially true of bikers.
Some people get evil skull tattoos in remembrance of a near death experience or one's survival from a fatal accident/illness. To some, it can also mean a lucky charm. There are people for whom a skull is a representation of the fact that all are mortal and have to live the life to the fullest accepting all that comes our way with bravery.


The design can be combined with a large variety of elements, such as angel wings, crosses, dragons or flames, which lend a touch of uniqueness to the body art.

Grim Reaper Tattoo

A skull tattoo has to be macabre. Grim reapers are depicted holding a scythe, for they are said to harvest human souls and are said to be neutral between the good and the bad. They can also be depicted holding a guitar, if you want to add a humorous tone to the design.

Sugar Skull Tattoos

The Day of the Dead is a celebration in Mexico. On this day, family and friends gather to remember the near and dear ones who have passed away. The sugar skulls are highly decorated, and therefore, are very popular with girls and women, as they have the original blend of skull and color as well as death and life.
These tattoos are decorated with colorful flowers, and different patterns are made on the skull itself. Some girls and women pick these designs in loving memory of someone dear. These designs are uplifting and have positive images in the eyes of those who get them.

Bull and Deer

Animal skulls also make for interesting designs.
Among the animal skulls, the popular designs are those of the bull and deer. Deer skulls are more popular among people who like hunting

Skull and Crossbones

This design is also known as a Jolly Roger, and it was used by the pirates to intimidate their victims. It also denotes prison across many nations and cultures.
The skull and crossbones design can be combined with an image of a black flag, or it can also be used without the flag. Instead of the normal skull, a flaming skull can also be used in this design.

Other Designs

There are many other designs which are popular too. These include skull and flame, tribal tattoos, rose with skull, skull and star, Davy Jones, skull and butterfly, demonic skull, eagle skull, etc.
The latest additions to these designs are emo tattoos, grenades, skulls with wings, skull and bows, as well as skull and guns.
There are a number of designs of skull body art for girls. You will have to choose a design and adapt it to suit your personality. If you are creative, you can combine different designs to make a unique pattern and mane a statement with your tattoo.