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Tiger Tattoo Designs

Kashmira Lad Apr 19, 2019
When it comes to tattoo designs, there's no paucity to the array of motifs available. Let us take a quick look at the popularity of tiger designs today.
Daniel always wanted to showcase his personality on his skin. Always the center of attention, he believed in setting trends rather than blindly following them. Being a flamboyant personality, Daniel loved to go that extra mile when it came to displaying his colorful nature.
And what better way than to get a tiger tattoo engraved on his skin! A constant reminder of his individuality, Daniel went through laborious ways to finally arrive at the right design to match his persona.
Thinking about getting a tattoo done? For all you aspiring Daniels out there, let's take a quick look why tattoos are a must-have on the list of many.

The Dummy's Guide to Tattoos

Scientifically speaking, tattoos are actually micro-pigment implantation. The tattoo artist uses an electric gun and special tattoo equipment to insert a dye into the pores of the skin.
Extreme care has to be exercised when it comes to issues like sterilization of the equipment. Be sure to know all about your tattoo artist and his studio before you actually start the process of this art.
Tattoos can never be erased. In other words, they are permanent. Major rock groups like 'Guns 'N' Roses' and 'Aerosmith' popularized them. The film fraternity was not left far behind with the likes of super hot Angelina Jolie and Ms. Nicole Richie following the bandwagon. Soccer star David Beckham is also known to sport quite a few!
There are thousands of designs available and one has to think wisely before making the ultimate choice. Remember, it will be for life and it should represent what you wish to proclaim through your design. It could range from flowers to religious symbols, fantasy to just funky.

What do tiger tattoos mean?

Tigers are the most powerful of the cat species and exude a great sense of strength and beauty. Various reasons can be found when you see this wild creature adorning a man's arm or poised on a woman's lower back or ankle.
These designs have held people captive since ages. It was also done as a sign of respect for this mighty animal and has been the potent symbol in Burma, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, China and Japan.
For the Chinese, the tiger is a zodiac symbol and represents people who are strong, sensitive and emotional, and it is also rumored that people born under this sign make great leaders.
Different people may find varied reasons to select this feline creature. One of the hugely popular reasons could be the tiger being considered a symbol of strength, as it is also feared when found in its natural habitat.
You refer to wildlife and photography magazines and make a compilation of the best photographs in order to decide on your very own unique tiger tattoo. Most tattoo artists have their own portfolio but you can also consult them with your chosen pic. This would enable you to have your own creation and avoid bumping into people sporting the same design.
Also keep in mind the width and height of the design and the area of the body you may want to have the design. The right proportions are also important in getting that cool, snazzy look. Do think before you ink, as this is a permanent feature on your body unless you wish to spend oodles of bucks on its removal.
Time to shed your inhibitions and simply go ahead and express yourself on skin. As quoted by Michelle Delio: "Tattooing is about personalizing the body, making it a true home and fit temple for the spirit that dwells inside it."