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Aries Tattoos

Aries Tattoos
Having an Aries tattoo done in black ink and shading looks as amazing as one done with a multitude of colors. The symbol of this zodiac sign is the 'Ram', which is a sturdy and strong animal just like the personality of most people born under this sign.
Indrajit Deshmukh
The Aries symbol of a ram presents unique opportunities for a tattoo aficionado, to create different images to suit individual desires. Something as simple as using bold dark ink and shading to create the outline of a ram, makes for an interesting tattoo design. This zodiac symbol also allows the use of vibrant colors and looks hypnotic when done in various shades and hues.
Battering Ram
One of the most popular design used, is one showing a ram battering a wall to pieces with bricks flying over its horns. This design appeals to the macho side of men and can be done in different colors, for example use bright red for the bricks and shades of black and brown for the ram.
Flaring Ram
Show a ram with its nostrils flaring with bright red and orange flames engulfing the full tattoo. If wish you can, also show it jumping through a ball of fire.
Angel Ram
An interesting Aries tattoo for girls is the angel ram. In this design you show the skull of the ram with wings coming out from behind the skull, and rising towards the heavens. Another design you can use is having a ram stand on its hind legs, with wings coming out of its back.
Lethal Ram
The ram or the zodiac sign with weapons are some new design that people seem to be going for nowadays. A ram peering over two spears crossing each other to form the letter 'X' is one of the most common design used by many. One more eye-catching design for this kind of tattoo is showcasing a ram alongside a military tank which is painted red, white, and blue.
Getting these tattoos done along with different lettering styles is a popular idea as this allows you to make a unique design. Having the letter 'Y' with its antennas twisted in a curl is a simple design idea for an Aries tattoo enthusiast. Writing your loved one's initials or pet name engulfing the tattoo is also a good personal design.
The art of using tattoos to showcase one's faith, and ideology has been known to exist since ancient times. Even today the art is very popular with prime time television dedicating entire shows to tattoos. With super models and celebrities showing off their tattoos on red carpet events, this body art has enticed the general masses. Spice Girl singer Victoria Beckham is an Aries born personality who wears her zodiac sign tattoo proudly.
Choose an artist whose work you have seen and liked. Tattoos are permanent and if you end up with bad art work you will have to get it surgically removed. Hygiene is very important, as there is risk of contracting different diseases if the parlor uses infected needles or other equipment. So please choose a parlor which is known for its hygiene. Even if you have to spend a little extra for such a place, it's okay. Follow the aftercare instructions well, to preserve your tattoo for a long time.
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