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Exquisite Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

Girija Shinde Sep 29, 2018
Beauty, intricacy and femininity.... that's what comes to your mind when you see a cherry blossom tattoo. But have you ever wondered what it really symbolizes? Find out more cherry blossom tattoo designs here.
One should always research before finalizing a design. If you do not have time for research, you can simply choose from popular tattoo designs, like the cherry blossom design. Though it is a common conception that only girls get a cherry blossom tattoo done, it is not true. Men also prefer the intrinsic designs of cherry blossoms.

Meaning of Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossom tattoos are the traditional designs of two countries - China and Japan. The symbolic meaning of the cherry blossom is somewhat different in the two countries.

The Japanese Meaning

Cherry blossom flowers are very delicate and have a short life span. According to the Buddhist tradition in Japan, these flowers signify temporary nature of life. The fallen flower signifies beauty, more specifically, it represent the beauty of snow. It symbolizes the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It also stand for purity and innocence.

The Chinese Meaning

In China, the cherry blossom flower symbolizes power, strength, beauty, humanity, hope, love, passion, female sexuality, and dominance. Mostly, when women get out of a bad relationship, they get the cherry blossom inked on themselves as a sign of strength to love and to show their fierce feminist nature.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Stencils

Unique Cherry Blossom Designs

Somei Yoshino

Somei Yoshino is one of the most popular and common varieties of Japanese cherry blossom. They bloom only for a week. These flowers are pure white in color, with a hint of palest pink at the stem. For the tattoo, you can etch even the cherry tree along with the blossoms, as the tree complements this design very well.


Yaezakura is also a beautiful variety. They are quite big in size, compared to somei yoshino. This flower comes in a variety of colors. The colors are the different shades of pink, right from bright pink to pale pink and off-white. These cherry blossoms are very beautiful to look at and provide a wide scope for fine detailing, where tattoos are concerned.


This is one of the varieties of cherry blossoms which most of us are familiar with, we know the shidarezakura as weeping cherry. This variety gets its name from its drooping branches. If you want to have an extensive tattoo design, you can opt for shidarezakura.
Whichever design you opt for, remember to take proper care of the tattoo. So go ahead, flaunt the beauty of your cherry blossom tattoo!