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Inner Lip Tattoo

Inner Lip Tattoo
Tattoos on the soft inner part of the lips are called inner lip tattoos. Even though these tattoos are unusual, they are growing popular by the day, and many teens are seen sporting them. This ThoughtfulTattoos article gives you an insight into the world of inner lip tattoos, and why they are so popular today.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Inner lip tattoos are ideal for those who want to keep their tattoos a secret.

These tattoos are at a risk of fading, blurring, smudging, etc.
Tattoos are a form of art, and people have been getting them on their bodies since ancient times. In the days gone by, tattoos were a mark or tag signifying one's social status, rank, or identification. But today, they have become more of a personal statement or choice, and a design or shape to be tattooed can be virtually anything under the sun. Generally, a person chooses to tattoo something that can act as a permanent reminder of a feeling, an event, person, situation, belief, etc.
Now, where on the body to get a tattoo inked, also becomes a point to ponder over, since, unfortunately, many companies today, prohibit their employees from exposing their tattoos while at work. Lip tattoos fulfill these requirements; they are almost invisible, until the tattoo bearer shows them off. Special efforts need not be taken to hide this tattoo, which makes it the best option for those who want a tattoo without violating any rules or jeopardizing their job.
Even though these tattoos are very convenient, they have a few limitations to them. One can go in for small, petite designs, as the space available on the inside of the lips is very limited. Small words and symbols are what most people opt for. Given below are few stencils that you may like.
Tattoo Stencils
Lip tattoo
Lip tattoo
Lip tattoo
Lip tattoo
Pain Factor
Inner lip tattoos are definitely more painful than those which are done on other parts of the body. This is because the skin on the inside of the lips is very soft and delicate. The level of pain is always dependent on the level of pain that an individual can tolerate. Apart from the pain while getting the tattoo done, the individual has to also deal with the pain that is caused when the tattoo is healing.
Since this area is so delicate, the prices are a little higher. Each tattoo artist has a different price that he/she will quote. This is because inner lip tattoos are very difficult to create, and a skilled tattoos artist is required to ink it correctly. Usually, an artist who is reputed for doing small and delicate work should be considered while opting for an inner lip tattoo.
The aftercare of such tattoos is a tad difficult. It requires rinsing the mouth with non-alcoholic mouthwash, at least 3-5 times a day. Also, the tattoo artist will give you an aftercare ointment, which should be applied as per his/her instructions. One should be very diligent while caring for his/her tattoo, as the right aftercare will reduce the chances of an infection.
Inner lip tattoos take more time to heal, compared to those on other parts of the body. This is solely due to the moisture level inside the mouth. Unfortunately, the mouth is one part of the body that cannot be dried out fully; hence, your tattoo may get infected due to constant moisture, mixing of food and saliva, or food particles getting stuck on it. There are also chances of your tattoo fading out, as the ink may not stay on the skin, again due to the presence of moisture and blood flow.
One thing that should never be done is peeling your tattoo. You might feel itchy, but please remember that, since your tattoo is in such a delicate place, you should not rub your tattoo or run your tongue over it. Always remember to take good care of your tattoo, and follow the aftercare instructions given by your tattoo artist.
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