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Facts about Lip Tattoos

Facts about Lip Tattoos
Lip tattoos or inner lip tattoo, more accurately put, is a trend spreading among youth these days. Here is a ThoughtfulTattoos article that will provide you all the facts about the topic at hand.
Bhakti Satalkar
Getting a tattoo inside the lower lip is a new trend that is catching on like wildfire. As its popularity grows at an alarming rate, more and more tattoo enthusiasts believe it to be a trend they too should be a part of. Plus with celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kesha, and Allison Green paving way for teens and 20-something adults, it is only a matter of time when the trend goes global.
But no matter how "in" this tattoo style is, it does not reduce the risks, concerns, and doubts people may have about them. Of course, with whatever tattoo design you choose along with its location, there are certain facts involved.
Tattoo Inside the Lips
  • More than 40% of the tattoo fades after about a year.
  • It tends to get smudged and smeared after a few years. Hence, if you want to maintain the design, you will have to get it retouched.
  • It is usually made on the inside of the bottom lip. But in some cases it can also be made on the inside of the upper lip.
  • People choose a single word or a very small phrase to tattoo on their lips.
  • It is advisable not to get more than four symbols tattooed on the inner lips. The reason is that they look awful after they blur.
  • Usually a lucky number, name of a loved one, or a favorite word is used for the tattoos.
  • The words are usually either personal or offensive words. These are the words that people do not want to advertise in public.
  • These tattoos can be quite painful. However, it will depend on the amount of pain a person can endure.
  • According to dermatologist Dr. Julia Carroll, as the design is inked inside the lip, where the area is made up of blood-rich mucosal cells, the chances of getting an infection increases.
  • There can be hundreds of different species of bacteria inside the human mouth, and getting a tattoo (which is basically an open wound once done) poses a threat.
  • A person can also get an allergic reaction from the dyes used for the tattoo causing painful swelling.
  • Until the tattoo heals, you cannot eat highly acidic and spicy foods as it will irritate the tattooed area.
  • The actual design may not appear the way you had imagined it in your head as the texture of the skin is different from that on our arms, legs, and rest of the body.
  • The tattoo artists will not guarantee the tattoo will last.
  • The cost of these tattoos can be close to US $80.
These tattoos normally last for anywhere between one to five years. But in some cases, it is also seen that they fade away in a few months or even weeks. These tattoos may hurt when they are made and the healing procedure can be tormenting sometimes. They make eating, drinking, and speaking difficult for a few days, until the tattoos heal. You should get the tattoo done from a certified tattoo artist and make sure that the parlor and the conditions to make the tattoo are clean and hygienic. This is to avoid any infection arising out of the tattoo.
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