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Lip Tattoo Swelling

Lip Tattoo Swelling

As lip tattoos have emerged just recently, there are many unanswered queries about them. One of the most important of them is, do they swell? Read on to know everything about lip tattoo swelling.
Girija Shinde
Body art lovers have got almost every part of their body inked, including the lips. Tattoos are generally done as a style statement and they are meant to be flaunted. But it is not possible to flaunt a lip tattoo, as it is not done on the outer part of the lip, but on the inner portion of it. Then, why is it gaining popularity so fast? First of all, lip tattoos are a new thing, and any new thing catches attention easily. Secondly, lips are a very delicate part of the body, and inking them can be considered as a sign of courage!

Before Getting One

But are lip tattoos worth the pain? This question arises because they do not last long; they fade away very fast compared to any other area. They can last only for a few weeks or a month without any touch-ups. There are several reasons for it. One of the major reason is that our mouth contains moisture, due to which the pigments of tattoos get absorbed. There are also certain chemicals in the mouth which are responsible for the fading. And while they are fading, they smudge, which makes the lips black. There are certain anti-fading creams available, but they do not work in case of lip inking due to the moisture. So, before you go through the pain of getting inked on your lips, keep it in mind that this tattoo will need touch-ups if you want it to stay.

There are only a limited number of designs when it comes to inking on the lips, as there is no space for an elaborate design. You can have small star or a flower design inked on your lip. Engraving names or a personal word is also one of the famous ideas. Many times, offensive words that are not said in public are featured in the lip tattoo, as no one can see it unless and until it is shown. But, do lip tattoos hurt? Yes they do, just like any other tattoos do. But the pain also differs from person to person.


Swelling after getting inked is a natural thing, and lip tattoos are not an exception to this. The swelling normally stays for two to three days, but it starts receding after the first day. If it hasn't lessened even after two days, it is definitely a thing to worry about. It could be the symptom of an infected tattoo. There are a couple of reasons for prolonged swelling; if the person getting inked is allergic to certain pigment used in the ink, excessive swelling may occur. This is very likely if the tattoo has not been done by a professional artist. Professional artists use ink prescribed by the FDA, which is safe, while other artists hardly use the prescribed ink. So, to avoid swelling, the best option is to get inked done from a professional artist and follow all the instructions of aftercare given by him/her. Taking proper aftercare will reduce the healing time of the tattoo.

Along with the swelling, you may experience a strange taste in your mouth, which is because of the blood and the ink, and there is nothing to worry about. Scabbing may also occur, as it occurs after every tattoo.


Inner lip tattoo care is simple, as well as very important. Our mouth contains a number of bacteria, so the possibility of infection is very high. To avoid infection, place a tissue or cloth between your tattoo and teeth. This will delay fading and will also reduce the possibility of infection. As stated earlier, our mouth contains a number of bacteria, so there is no point in increasing the numbers by not washing the mouth. So, rinse your mouth with an anti-bacterial mouth wash after eating and smoking. Other preventive measures are applying ointments that contain vitamins A and D. This simple aftercare tips will surely help your lip tattoo to last longer.

This was all about swelling after getting your lips inked. So, take the proper aftercare and do not ignore any signs of infection. If any symptoms do occur, visit a doctor immediately.