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Lip Tattoo Aftercare

Lip Tattoo Aftercare
Lip tattoo aftercare is a must if you wish to flaunt your tattoo for a longer time. This article relates to you some useful tips on how to care for your lip tattoo.
Rajib Singha
Just getting your lips tattooed should not be all. Lip tattoo, unlike tattoos on other parts of the body, is more vulnerable to getting faded away in a few days. As most people go for inner carving of such tattoos, it makes it difficult to care for them. This is because the lips are a high-moisture area, and so most lip tattoos fade away easily - about 40% of them. So, what is needed is a proper aftercare regimen. Here's how you can go about it.
Tip #1
The main step is to keep the tattoo dry, at least for the next 4-5 days while the healing is in progress. As the lip is in constant contact with the teeth, it also causes the tattoo to fade away gradually. To avoid this you can keep a paper towel in between the lip where the tattoo has been carved, and the teeth. Although, this might feel uncomfortable, it helps in keeping the tattoo drier. Eventually, the tattoo swelling and the scabbing will reduce completely, and you can stop using the paper towels.
Tip #2
You can use ointments which are vitamin A and vitamin D based, or alcohol-free mouthwash to tend to the tattooed area. Some people recommend against using antibacterial soaps, while some people advise otherwise. So going with an expert tattoo artist's opinion would be a wiser choice.
Tip #3
It is equally important to rinse your mouth before and after getting the tattoo, especially after meals and after smoking. Experts recommend to avoid eating for a few hours after the initial tattoo.
Tip #4
Avoid eating foods with acidic content until the tattoo has healed completely. Also, abstain from scratching and rubbing the tattoo in any case. Before you go for any retouch by a tattoo maker, let the swelling and bruising go away.
You may have wondered about how long do lip tattoos last. Well, such tattoos cannot be expected to stay forever, as they are highly susceptible to fading. Some lip tattoos have known to last for about 1-5 years while some lasted only for a few weeks or months. Following the above tips might keep the tattoos from rapid fading. Speaking of cost, lip tattoos might get a bit heavy on your pockets. Also, there might be cases, wherein, some artists might refuse to work on such tattoos altogether.
To conclude, caring for a lip tattoo is different from caring for tattoos elsewhere on the body, due to the vulnerability of the former to getting pale and worn-out. Constant retouching helps keep the tattoo for a longer period of time. And needless to say, it is also important to go for a well-known tattoo artist and a reliable parlor. Take care!
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