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Do Lip Tattoos Hurt?

Do Lip Tattoos Hurt?
Lip tattoos are extremely unique, as not a lot of people opt for them. Most hardcore body art lovers or rebels are the ones who get their lips inked. But, due to the sensitivity of the location, the most commonly asked question is "do lip tattoos hurt?"
Kritika Parwani
Permanent make up on lips
While most people get body art to express their personality, others get it as a fashion statement. Tattoos on lips are unique and not something that is done by a lot of people. Usually, only hardcore body art lovers get these. These designs are done on the inner portion of the lip. The location of these tattoos is such that they are not visible until deliberately shown. But while considering getting a lip tattoo, the most commonly asked question is if they hurt. Though it is quite obvious that getting inked will hurt, this question is definitely something that is important to consider while getting inked on the lip due to the sensitivity of the location. But first let us try and understand more about this new trend in the world of body art.
Does Getting a Lip Tattoo Hurt?
It can be said that while it is obvious that getting inked is bound to hurt, the pain quotient of each tattoo varies. While there are places like arms, lower back, and ankle that can be considered to be some of the least painful to get inked, same cannot be said about lips. The degree of pain in a lip tattoo varies based on a lot of factors, like the pain threshold of the person or the experience of the artist. Some people do say that lip tattoos do not hurt much and only stings for a while. But you need to understand that it is a mechanized needle that is constantly sewing against your lips, so you have to be prepared for the pain. Besides the pain, another thing to consider is the lifespan of the lip tattoo. Unlike other body art which is permanent, this generally only last for about 1 to 5 years, so you have to decide whether you want to go through the pain for a tattoo that may not last for long.
Lip Tattoos Facts
Before getting inked on the lips, it is important to be aware of all the facts. Lip body art originated in ancient African and Mediterranean cultures. Unlike today, this body art was used to thicken or narrow the lips. This was done by using dark red/brown pigments and needles. People usually choose a word, lucky number, or a name of a loved one for inking on lips. Usually, the words selected are either very personal or are obscene words that people usually do not want to show or say in public. Unfortunately, almost 40% of tattoos on lips fade away after about a year. Also, these get smudged easily because of the moisture that is present in the mouth. This is the reason that most people get only short words written on their lips.
Though inking is usually done on the inside of the lower lip, it can also be done on the inside of the upper lip. There are a lot of people who use tattoos to do up their lip line permanently, or to get a permanent color on the fleshy part of the lips. And if you are wondering how long this body art lasts, you will be surprised to know that it usually lasts for anything between 1 to 5 years! However, there are exceptions where they have only lasted for few weeks or months.
Once you have made up your mind about getting your lips inked, you have to choose from an array of ideas for your appropriate design. Though lip body art hurts a lot, it is popular because it is a unique way of expressing your personality. The design has to be something that your personality represents or just something totally crazy. While most people use tattoo lettering styles and designs, you can even try inking small images of a skull and bones for a more unique look. Whatever design idea you choose though, make sure you take the necessary care to avoid any infections.