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Strikingly Amazing Bracelet Tattoo Designs to Carry With Pride

Bracelet Tattoo Designs
Are you planning to get a bracelet tattoo made? It is always a good idea to learn about all the different types of tattoo designs.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Bracelet tattoos are currently in vogue owing to the variety of designs they offer, at the same time being light on the pocket. The flip side is that getting inked on the wrist is painful and since this is the exposed and most frequently used area, maintaining it is a tough job and will need touch ups more regularly as compared to other tattoos. In spite of all these shortcomings, the tattoo aficionados, do not deter from getting a wrist tattoo made.
These days people choose to combine their bracelet tattoo with their sleeve tattoo, the hand tattoo or ankle tattoo. Often the Celtic knots, nautical stars are widely used for the same. They can also be combined with flowers of different kinds.
Bracelet Tattoo Designs - Floral Vine Tattoos
Elegant and intricately designed flower vines around the wrist are the most popular form amongst the youngsters today. Depending on the flower, the meaning of these tattoos continue to vary right from strength and perseverance to love and luck. The toughest part is to choose the right flower which speaks of you as a person or gives you that zeal to chase your dreams.
Bracelet Tattoo Designs - Celtic Tattoos
As the name suggests, these tattoos were first used by various Celtic tribes as their identity. They have evolved over the number of years and have now formed a perfect blend of the tribal and the contemporary art. Most of the designs are related to nature with tattoos such as the Celtic cross represents the cycle of life and death, of Heaven and Earth.
Many tribal tattoos depict inter-twined caricatures and that all life forms all inter-connected. For instance, the Triskele, is a triple spiral tattoo indicating the three element Earth, Sky and Water. It also symbolizes birth and reincarnation. Tattoos such as Celtic knots represent warding yourself off the evil spirits and at the same, time encouraging unity.
Bracelet Tattoo Designs - Barbed Wire Tattoos
Apart from its usage in asylums and prisons for the inmates in the past, this tattoo has various interpretations associated with it. It is widely used as a triumph over the difficulties and hardships one has faced in life. A barbed wire also signifies a person's immense belied in God, since Jesus was compelled to wear a crown made out of a barbed wire before he was crucified.
Bracelet Tattoo Designs - Symmetrical Tattoos
Symmetry means, balance, equal division and perfection. Such tattoos are more appreciated for their balanced proportion, more than their meaning. The sheer art of having etched two entities with similar dimensions as one design is what makes this form of tattoo the most preferred.
Bracelet Tattoo Designs - Star Tattoos
Star tattoos are perceived to be more feminine and hence are more popular among the fairer sex. You can opt for a tattoo design with interlocked or connected stars forming an elegant bracelet around your wrist or a single single star on your inner wrist with a pair of wings embracing it.
Before you get yourself inked, it is important that you do your homework on tattoo designs of this form. At the same time, you will also have to be sure that you are ready for the pain, which comes with these tattoos and know all the important tattoo care tips. Wearing shoes, socks and stockings can become a problem when you get an ankle tattoo made. On the same lines wearing full sleeves will be a little inconvenient for a few days. Be prepared!
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