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How Long Do Lip Tattoos Actually Last?

Lip Tattoos: How Long Do They Last
Lip tattoos are one of the newest trends in the world. Take a look at some interesting facts about lip tattoos, how long they last, and a few tips, on their maintenance.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
To begin with, lip tattoos are not actually done on the lips, but inside the mouth under the lower lip. Like all other tattoos, this one also has its fans and deterrents. Undoubtedly, they are a unique style statement. A great advantage is that these tattoos aren't easily visible, which is perfect for those who wish to keep it private.
How Long Do Lip Tattoos Last?
Lips tattoos last for a period of one to five years, but it does differ from person to person. Unlike other tattoos, these may need touch ups. Without them the longevity of these tattoos is reduced significantly. There are various reasons for why lips tattoos fade, but the main causative factor is the acid and chemicals in the mouth. The pigments in the tattoos are absorbed by the body which leads it to fade over time. Another reason is the high moisture content in the mouth, which is not conducive for tattoos.

There is very little one can do to prevent a lip tattoo from fading. But there are some anti-fading creams available in the market that can may help to a certain degree. You can try this simple tip―after you get a lip tattoo done, put a tissue or cotton cloth piece in between your lips. This will help the ink penetrate deeper inside.
Lip Tattoo Facts
  • It is a misconception that these tattoos hurt the most. It isn't so; it hurts with the same intensity as others. In fact, some say that lip tattoos do not hurt at all!
  • Generally, these tattoos are done on the lower lip, but they can also be on the upper lip.
  • Most of the time, a word is inked instead of a design. It's mainly because of the paucity of space. But you could have small designs like a star or small flower.
Lip Tattoo Care
Every tattoo requires a rigorous care routine, and the one in your mouth is no exception. Getting a lip tattoo done from a professional artist is very important. Lip tattoos is a recent trend, so it becomes more important to choose an artist who knows about their application.

Many people feel nauseous as a result of the strange taste that lingers in the mouth after a lip tattoo is done. But there is nothing to worry about, as it is just the pigment that causes it. Do not eat or drink anything immediately after the procedure―the duration and other instructions will be conveyed to you by the tattoo artist. And do remember to rinse your mouth every time you eat or even smoke. Do think thoroughly about getting a lip tattoo done, they not only fade fast, but can also smudge after a certain period.
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