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Powerfully Enchanting Memorial Tattoos to Cherish Your Loved Ones

Memorial Tattoos
Memorial tattoos are a way of honoring the departed by etching a symbol of them onto one's body. There are certain other reasons for why these tattoos are chosen as well. Read through the following ThoughtfulTattoos article for designs and ideas of the same and other details about these tattoos.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: May 3, 2018
Portrait tattoos require a special form of skill and can be ruined if handled by a novice. It is therefore important to get it done from an experienced and well-respected tattoo artist.
In its most common form, memorial tattoos represent an honoring of memory of someone close to you. It is a way of paying your respect and keeping them in your mind at all times. And while memorial tattoos do embody this emotion, that is not all that they represent. Memorial tattoos are etched to honor and remember the memory of anything―a person, emotion, place, day, date, pet, event. Which is why, they are some of the most common and widely tattooed forms.
In this following ThoughtfulTattoos article, we will go through the varied designs and ideas that one can use for etching these tattoos.
Memorial Tattoo Ideas
R.I.P. With a Cross
R.I.P. With a Cross tattoo
One of the most popular designs that are used in memorial tattoos, especially if they are etched in remembrance of someone close are R.I.P. (Rest in Peace) tattoos. Usually combined with the symbol of a cross, there are many variations that can be carried forth with this particular design. The person for whom the tattoo is etched, the date of passing, and sometimes, even a portrait of the person is used in combination with the R.I.P. design. Many times, folded hands with a beaded rosary are also used in place of a cross.
Angel Wings
Angel Wings tattoo
Angel wings in their varied forms is another very popular design that is used extensively for memorial tattoos. The name of the person and the date are usually combined with the angel wings design to make it clear that it is a tattoo etched in the memory of someone special. This is done because angel wings by themselves are a very popular design, and in their lone form do not necessarily represent memorial tattoos.
In this tattoo form, there are varied combinations that may be carried forth as well... using color to bring in variety, experimenting with the size of the tattoo―something that stretches over a small area or covers a wider area and more.
In Memory of a Pet
Cat tattoo
Many people combine their love for a pet and the fact that they miss them in order to get inked with a memorial tattoo. This is their way of honoring and thanking their pet for being there for them and sharing their life with them until that time. Portraits are a popular option to take up in this respect. Many also use elements like paws or eyes instead of the whole figure to represent what they want to say. Usually combined with a message or a date, this makes the tattoo an exclusive memorial tattoo.
With a Message
Message tattoo
Memorial tattoos that are exclusively message oriented are also a very popular choice to make. These represent both, pain and hope, and can therefore evoke a memory and keep a person in thought, as well as provide strength and hope for a person to carry on with their life. Messages for memorial tattoos are either represented as simple texts, or they may have elements added in (like these birds in the above image). These elements could be something symbolic of hope, or something that the person loved, or even something that was symbolic for the both of you.
As a Celebration
baby tattoo
Though memorial tattoos are usually drawn up in memory of a person who has passed, there are times when they are drawn up as a representation of celebration and to keep the memory of the special day or event in mind. Some of the most popular choices for these are baby portraits and pet portraits. These are hailed as celebratory tattoos that usher in the joy. Other than these, many couples also commemorate milestones, special dates, and events in combination with other elements, like, wedding dates.
Memorial tattoos are some of the most popular forms that people go in for. After all, they represent both strength and remembrance, a feat that not many designs can boast of achieving.
Cow head tattoo
Black cats set
Young man showing tattoos