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Memorial Tattoo Designs

Memorial Tattoo Designs
Tattoos are one way to immortalize lost loved ones. The designs can be that of quotes, specific dates, portraits, or even their names. In the following article, we will see different ideas of memorial tattoos...
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2018
Memorial tattoos are done for several reasons, but mostly, they are chosen to signify an important event in an individual's life. It could be anything from an achievement to honor someone's memory. Although the feeling of losing someone you cared for never really diminishes, eternalizing their life and its impact is never a small gesture; and tattoos do just that. Whosoever goes through it, struggles a lot to gather and keep the memories intact.
One of the best ways to remember someone is to get their name or their photo transformed into a tattoo. Many people get memorial tattoos done because it makes them feel the presence of the lost in this form. The tattoo becomes an assurance that they are still around, in spirit. Here are some simple ideas that you can choose from, in case you are planning to get such a tattoo.
Design Ideas to Choose From
Almost all the design ideas people have are personal and close to their hearts. Although the designs may be unique, the one thing that is common among all types of memorial tattoos is, they depict an intimate part of their lives. Here are some of the suggestions on different memorial tattoo designs.
Patriotic Tattoo
Eagle and American Flag
This style of tattoo is popular among families who've lost loved ones in war. The design is represented in several ways - the American flag with D.O.D., R.I.P. inked along with the flag, the colors red, white, and blue along with D.O.D., etc. With this theme, the tattoo becomes a silent prayer to the Almighty, to keep the deceased person's soul at peace. Of course, more symbols of your choice can be added. The date on which the event occurred can be embedded with any design around it. You can make a design that includes a rose or a heart with the date. You can also use a symbol that represents something the person loved.
Heart Tattoo
Heart with Wings and Ribbon
Hearts are the most common and popular designs that are used for tattoos. After all, the heart is said to be associated with feelings, and also, it is the heart that suffers. Just a heart with the name of the deceased person around it is one of the simplest designs. Another design that is quite popular is a ribbon banner, which goes over the heart along with the name of the deceased person. Winged heart tattoos also have a different meaning in case of memorial tattoos. The heart is a symbol of the deceased person and the wings symbolize the freeing of the deceased person, from the bonds of mortality. It says, the person is now with the angels.
Religious Tattoo
Praying Hands
Religion plays a huge role in tattoos as it not only combines a person's faith with his/her innermost self, but it can also renew someone's faith in it. The interpretations are of course, varied, as every religion has its own set of beliefs, customs, and principles. People often have a cross, praying hands, angels, etc. tattooed on themselves, in the memory of their loved ones. Among all the religious symbols, praying hands along with a rosary or clutching a rose are very popular.
Portrait Tattoo
Portrait of a Loved One
Getting a loved one's portrait inked on yourself is also quite famous when it comes to memorial tattoos. It not only makes the wearer feel closer to that person, but it also immortalizes their life and the impact it had on his/her friends and family. But before you do decide to get a portrait tattoo done, make sure you have the best picture of the individual and find an experienced tattoo artist for the job.
I think it's a wonderful and heartwarming idea to want to get a memorial tattoo. Life is short and when we lose someone or experience a moment/event in life that is too near and dear to us, it is wise to eternalize it.
Heart Shape Tattoo
Heart shape tattooed woman
Man with heart shape tattoo
Tattooed Geisha Portrait
Asian woman portrait
Geisha portrait tattoo
Portrait of young man
Celtic Religious Cross Tattoo
Portrait of young tattooed woman
Portrait Of Man Thinking
Vector elephant portrait
Heart tattoo on the back
Young Pierced Woman Portrait
Woman Portrait
Tattoo portrait on hand
Heart tattoo woman
Heart design with butterflies
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