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Meaningful Tattoos to Express Yourself in the Most Creative Way

Meaningful Tattoos
Meaningful tattoos have a story behind them, that will remind you of something happy, worth fighting, worth living for. There are several tattoo designs which reflect your personality and create a style statement.
Avanika Mote
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Tattoos that reflect one's heritage or belief in a particular culture, are one of the most popular tattoos of all. You may consider getting small tattoos that represent myths, legends, symbols or icons of the culture or religion you belong to. Make sure that you can connect yourself with whatever cultural symbol or iconic tattoos you consider getting inked with. You can also etch the memory of a loved one in the form of a tattoo. There are a number of tattoos which symbolize relationships and give an entirely new meaning to it. If you think getting a tattoo with a meaning is a great way to flaunt body art on yourself, along with a deeper meaning behind it, you should consider the following ideas.
Heritage Tattoos
You can carry out research on your own religion, its customs and culture and find out what can you relate yourself with and then you can decide on the symbols that represent your culture.
Scottish men can think of getting tattoo designs like lion rampant and Celtic tattoos. If you can relate yourself with the Asian culture, you might want to get dragon tattoos. Western American folks, who have their origins in the cowboy culture, can consider getting cowboy tattoos.
Close up portrait of attractive tattooed Caucasian woman in Maui, Hawaii, USA.
An example of a tattoo from other culture can be seen in different people. In Goa (India), you can find most hippies with tattoos of Lord Shiva and Hindu tattoo symbols like "Om" and Hindu chants like Gayatri Mantra or Ganesha Prarthana of Vakratunda Mahakaya. You can also choose from Bible verses and get one on your back. These chants and verses are one of the most sought after tattoos for women. It all depends on what you strongly believe in.
Ganesha Hand drawn illustration.
Lord Ganesha Illustrations : Suggestions For Tattoo Design
Heritage or religious tattoos will always have a meaning, that is deeper than any life story or experience, as religion and spirituality is nothing but believing in cosmic energies and endless love, which is exactly what makes heritage tattoos number one in the list of tattoos.
In Memory of a Loved One
Tough little Mama's boy
What is the point in getting meaningful tattoos without a mention of a loved one? These tattoos that are inked in memory of a loved one, can be styled either in a portrait style or with their name in your mother tongue, which would include the birth and the death dates. You can also ink a symbol that represents something that you had in common with the person or something that had a deep impact on your life.
Tough Kid With Tattoo
Memorial tattoos reflect higher respect and deep love that you had for the person. Usually, portrait tattoos are considered standard form of memorial tattoos, although, you can make them more interesting by tattooing a symbol, that will remind you of the happy times you shared together.
You might have a lot of such people in your life. Therefore, I would insist on thinking about the most beloved person in your life and consider the things that represented him/her. You can also make a compilation of more than one symbol or design, that might remind you of the good times you shared with him/her, to create unique tattoos.
Tattoos for Couples
Tattooed Couple Embracing
The most obvious of all the tattoos for couples, is getting name tats. If you are planning on getting your partner's name tattooed, as an expression of love, I would suggest to get one in a language like Arabic or Chinese. Get a tattoo which reminds you both, of the love you share. One of the most creative tattoos for couples is getting split-hearts, one on each partner's wrist, so that, whenever you both hold hands, the pieces of heart will join each other!
Tattoo Love
A simple yet meaningful tattoo idea for couples could be, a lock and a key. You can also personalize it by adding a design or symbol of your own. Celtic love knot designs are one beautiful love design for a tattoo. Another popular tattoo design is linking rings. You can either get this inked on your ring finger, like an actual ring or get it on inner ankle (in case of women) and on forearm (in case of men). You can also think of getting tattoos of designs that are always thought of as together.
You can also think of a tattoo that has a female pink colored lip on the woman's wrist and a lipstick kiss mark on the man's wrist. Two doves in a nest is also a great love symbol.
Tattoos for Sisters
Set of design elements
Flower Illustrations : Suggestions For Sisterhood Tattoos
In the melee of everyone getting inked, why should something as special and beautiful as sisterhood be left behind? Believe it or not, there are iconic tattoos and symbols that represent sisterhood.
The famous native American symbol of sisterhood is - two crosses side-by-side with a small circle above them and this entire design encircled. This design of a cross and a small circle represents womanliness, female power and fertility with compassion. When these symbols are side-by-side, they represent a female bond - sisters! The outer circle represents a family, a large bonding of blood ties and protection.
Girl with butterfly tattoo
Choose girlie tattoos like flowers, butterflies, angels, etc. Create a design for your tattoo, that resonates your uniqueness. You may also get matching tribal tattoos, or matching symbols of something that you two share in common or something that reminds you of your best moments!
If you have a meaningful tattoo in your mind, you will never regret getting a tattoo design you strongly believe in. In fact, its sheer permanent presence on your body will remind you of good times and will inspire you all your life. Meaningful tattoos represent something deeper than just passion for body art. It represents the truth, the faith, your belief, something you love and means the world to you. Every meaningful tattoo has a story behind it. What's your story?
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Attractive Male Arm Tattoo
Young man with towel
Tattooed child
Black and white drawing butterflies
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