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Unbelievably Amazing Tattoo Design Ideas for Dog Lovers

Amazing Tattoo Design Ideas For Dog Lovers
Celebrate the fact that you have been blessed with the boundless love for a dog, and can sport a tattoo that says it all. A dog tattoo may mean a thousand things to its wearer, but mostly, it signifies pure love and a friendship that will last a lifetime.
Amita Ray
Last Updated: Jul 25, 2017
Dog Lover's Infinity Tattoo
Dog Lover's Infinity Tattoo
Love can only be infinite and everlasting, you know your pooch is forever going to reside in your heart, and what better way to display it than a tattoo that says just that!
Memorial Dog Collar Tattoo
Memorial Dog Collar Tattoo
Who says you forget people when they are gone; truth be told, you never do! You just learn to live a life where they don't exist anymore, with a hope that someday you will be reunited. Until then, in your heart, they shall remain.
Cute Line Drawing Tattoos
Looking for some cutesy playful way to profess your love for your dog to the world? How about these line drawing tattoo ideas - either stick to all-black, a tinge of color, or go all out with a riot of colors.
Dachshund Line Drawing Tattoo
Cute Colored Dog Line Drawing Tattoo
Line Drawing on Watercolor
Unique Nose Print Tattoo
Unique Dog Nose Print Tattoos
They say the nose print of every dog is unique, just like fingerprints in humans. What better way to show the mark your pooch has left on you than a print that is just his/hers.
Doggie Portrait Tattoo
Dog Portrait Tattoos
If you're keen on getting a portrait or your dog, how about jazzing it up a little with some watercolor effects, like the one shown above.
Or Just Go Abstract
Abstract Dog Tattoos
May be, you could funk that classic portrait with a colorful abstract look.
Uber Chic Doggie Anklet
Dog Anklet Tattoo
If trendy, subtle, and chic is what you intend to display with your tattoo, you could don this ankle tattoo.
Playful Dog Bone Tattoo
Dog Anklet Tattoo
Celebrate the playful little soul of your dog with a dog bone tattoo. Another brownie point is that it makes for a really cool-looking tattoo!