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Cute Dog Paw Tattoos and Their Meanings to Mark Your Canine Love

Dog Paw Tattoo: Meaning and Designs
The importance and love that your pet commands in your life can NEVER be replaced!
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Walk With Me...
Dog Paw Ankle Tattoo
Ankles are probably one of the best places to flaunt a dog paw tattoo. They look very adorable and cute there. You can also opt for paws in the shape of an anklet for added appeal.
Always With Me...
Dog Paw Tattoo Back
Cutesy paws look so adorable on the back. You can have a big one or multiple smaller ones. This design signifies the everlasting bond you share with your pet, and how you are always going to be there for each other.
Dog Paw Tattoo Ear
Small, colorful paws look very cute behind the ear, on the neck, wrist, or even the ankles. You can get them on your fingers as well. Play with multiple colors to enhance the look of your tattoo. Bold and bright colors, like red and black, make the design stand out. Another trick is to ink paws of varying sizes.
Heart on the Waist!
Dog Paw Tattoo Waist
We know your dear pet stays in your heart, and sometimes, your heart can be flaunted on your waist!
In memory of your beloved pet...
Unbreakable Bond
Hand in paw we go on...
Forever Together
Dog Paw Wrist
Stamp Of Love!
Colorful Dog Paw Tattoo
A colorful dog paw tattoo looks stunning on the shoulder. You can choose to ink your pet's actual paw print or an artistic pattern. Don't forget to play with colors!