Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos
Getting inked is gaining in popularity, and wolf tattoos are the new rage that is being emblazoned on the bodies of most seekers of body art. Read on to know more about this new trend.
The Native Americans believed that wolves have supernatural powers. We too have seen many haunting images of a wolf howling at the moon. This animal holds a mystical status in the Greek and Roman mythologies. In some Native American tribes, these animals were associated with witchcraft and were considered as a manifestation of evil powers; while other tribes revered them as a symbol of power, intelligence, and independence. This mysterious animal is also thought of being a symbol of fertility and virility, one of the many reasons behind its popularity in body art. The designs are as old as tattoo culture, with many Native American tribesmen having wolf tattoos on their bodies in ancient times. This animal is thought to have mastered both, the wild and the domestic world. They are known to be very ferocious while hunting for prey, can cover large territories, and are known to hunt in packs. Wolves live in social packs, showing considerable domestic attributes as well.

When getting inked, you should have a clear idea as to which part of your body you want it on. Any body art is a symbol of the person's aspirations and nature, so choose a design that suits your characteristics and aims. Last, but not least, decide a color combination for your tattoo. While choosing the color, it is important that you take into consideration the design and the skin tone of the body part you wish to get inked.

  • Family of Wolves:
    Regarded widely as social animals, wolves live and hunt in packs. These packs consist of nuclear families of mated wolves and their offspring, hence a tattoo of such a family is a symbol of loyalty and dedication. Having a pair of wolves and their single offspring on the arm is also a unique design for men as well as women.
  • Wolf and Fog:
    Mystical abilities and sightings in foggy conditions has this creature the status of a pathfinder. In the Native American culture, the wolf is looked upon as being wise. Hence, a tattoo of a wolf standing alone at the backdrop of a tree surrounded by fog is a good design.
  • Snarling Wolf:
    Wolves are known for their ferocity, so one of the most mystical images associated with the folklore is that of a snarling wolf. In the wild, this animal is known to snarl to warn and protect its family from enemies and to show a sign of aggression while out on a hunt. This dual purpose snarl is an excellent tattoo design. You can have a wolf exposing its long and sharp canines, with red eyes and a mane of gray hair.
  • Howling Wolf:
    One of the most popular animal calls is that of the wolf, which is associated with paranormal activities and witchcraft. A wolf howling at the moon is a haunting image that you can recreate in the form of body art. You can have a wolf sitting upright on its front paws, looking skywards and howling at a full moon. Clouds and some wild bush inclusion in the tattoo can ensure great results and add a personal touch to the design. In tribal tattoos, a howling wolf symbolizes a connection between death and the mysteries of the dark.
Meanings of this body art is as mystical as the animal and has different personal interpretations, making it a good choice. Wolf tattoos can be inspirational and beautiful no matter which design and color you choose.
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