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Sagittarius Tribal Tattoo

Sagittarius Tribal Tattoo
Looking for some ideas on Sagittarius tribal tattoos? In this following article we will take you through some of the different forms and designs of this tattoo type and help to give you ideas for the same thereof.
Rujuta Borkar
She did not seem like the kind who'd sport a tattoo. Not in the least. She was quiet. Sweet, yes, but always a little aloof. Then one day in class as she moved her long hair to one side of the shoulder, a Sagittarius tattoo became visible. And I was stunned. The simple centaur with an arrow in his hand. The quintessential Sagittarian. Simple and strong. Just like her, I realized. From that day on I saw her for who she really was -- Confident and unapologetic. Not one of those who needed to have their tattoos out there for the world to see. And the Sagittarius tattoo? That really did it.
I don't ask what your need of getting a tattoo is. It's just that a tattoo can't really be explained. The reasons for why you want a tattoo can be different from the reasons why I want a tattoo. What it signifies for me, it need not signify for you. Getting a tattoo of one's zodiac sign has, and always will be a very popular choice. We each carry the names of our zodiac signs with easy aplomb and style. We like that we belong there, and that there is something to call our own. Then of course there are the basic qualities that signify our signs and the reasons for why we are what we are. But all this is getting to be too vague. The deal is that you want a Sagittarius tribal tattoo and you need to have some ideas for the same. Let us focus our attention on some of the important pointers that have to be considered when getting a Sagittarius tattoo.
Pointers for Getting that Tattoo...
You can't just go get a tattoo for yourself without having any proper knowledge or research of what you're getting and the reason why you're getting it. The 'why'-you're-getting-it is your prerogative, that you have to decide for yourself. But the other factors that you have to consider and those that you have probably never ever thought of, those are the ones that will be tackled in the following section.
  • Understand why you want the tattoo in the first place. Unless you're convinced of the same, you'll never be able to carry it with confidence and style.
  • Do a thorough research on the different tattoo parlors where you're thinking of getting the tattoo done.
  • Looking on the net for different designs is a great way to go about finding a stock to choose from, but it also means that others will be doing the same. Which means you might not really have a unique design to sport.
  • Visit parlors and look at the designs that they have to offer. In that way you can be assured that the designs will be unique.
  • You could also sit with the artist and ask him to draw up different designs for you, amalgamating different ideas that you and he have to create a unique piece.
  • Inquire about different parlors to be assured of the place for its reputation, hygiene and prices. This is very, very important.
  • Make sure to get a thorough explanation of the before and aftercare of the tattoo from the artist.
Sagittarius Tribal Tattoo Ideas
So what should you get? There are many choices to make when it comes to tribal zodiac tattoos with the Sagittarius sign. Here are some of the choices that you can make.
A Single Arrow
Simple and straightforward. Dispelling all doubts of what the sign is and what it stands for. The deal is that you can keep the bow and arrow a simple design or combine it to make it into an elaborate one. The Sagittarius bow and arrow design can be sported in any size and will still make for a great tattoo design.
The Centaur
This design is right up there with the bow and arrow design and for reasons quite clear. Nothing quite says 'Sagittarius' like this does. You'd think that a centaur has to essentially be a male figure, but there you'd be so, so wrong. One of the sexiest designs is to sport a female centaur with long billowy hair and a strong body with the bow and arrow in hand. You tell me this isn't a great design to sport as one of the best Sagittarius tattoos for girls.
With Your Name
Another fun way of personalizing this tattoo idea is to have your name etched in with the bow and arrow design. Having an intricate and tribal design having your name at the center and the arrow going through and through makes for a great design as well. One can also have the 'Sagittarius' name for the text and have an arrow pass through the same.
As a Cross
For people who want to combine religion and tattoos, there could be no other design that could work out so well. The arrow can be simply converted into a cross and worn like so.
Sagittarius Seal
The Sagittarius seal is one of the obscure designs that not many go in for. This gives it a feel of being very archaic, which then adds to the allure of the same. A seal is etched which has the centaur with his ever familiar bow and arrow for company. Makes for a great design.
And so that is that. You go make that Sagittarius tribal tattoo yours and you'll feel like a different person inside and out. You'll see.
Sagittarius zodiac sign
Simple Icons: Sagittarius
Simple Icons: Sagittarius