Tribal Arm Tattoos for Men

Tribal Arm Tattoos for Men

Tribal tattoos, when done correctly, are versatile without being overly overwhelming. In the following article, we've given you some options and ideas on tribal arm tattoos for men. Take a look...
Currently, the culture of body art has widened and become a style statement. Tattoos are in high demand and are found in many cultures across the world. Tribal tattoos are inked in black color, though a few people include other colors to their tattoos. These tattoos, depending on how a tattoo artist implements the design, can look quite masculine.

Designs to Choose From

We've provided some amazing tribal arm tattoos for men. You can go through the entire list and look at the designs to select one that appeals to you.

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Bike Tattoos

Nothing says 'macho' than a man with a bike tattoo. It's a personal choice, whether someone likes these kinds of tattoos or not. But one thing is for sure, a tribal bike tattoo will definitely look amazing on the upper arm. If you're someone who loves motorcycles, then perhaps these tattoo designs might interest you.

Bike Tattoo 1
Bike Tattoo 2
Bike Tattoo 3
Bike Tattoo 4
Bike Tattoo 5
Bike Tattoo 6

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Butterfly Tattoos

It may seem like butterfly tattoos are more appealing to women, however, that's not the case every time. Tribal designs look masculine. Which means, designing butterflies in this manner won't make the tattoos look girly.

Butterfly Tattoo 1
Butterfly Tattoo 2
Butterfly Tattoo 3
Butterfly Tattoo 4
Butterfly Tattoo 5
Butterfly Tattoo 6
Butterfly Tattoo 7
Butterfly Tattoo 8
Butterfly Tattoo 9
Bike Tattoo 4

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Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos are one of the popular choices as the tribal tattoos may sometimes overlap its concept (not the designs, but visual appeal). These types of tattoos are made in one fluid motion, making crosses, knots, and interlaces. The following designs don't adopt the Celtic designs entirely, but are done keeping the concept in mind.

Celtic Tattoo 1
Celtic Tattoo 2
Celtic Tattoo 3

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Dragon Tattoos

Many men like the idea of a fire-breathing dragon tattoo covering the entire arm. Are you one of them? If you're thinking of getting a tribal dragon tattoo, understand what the 'attitude' you wish to convey through the design. This is one way you can pick a design that is yours.

Dragon Tattoo 1
Dragon Tattoo 2
Dragon Tattoo 3
Dragon Tattoo 4
Dragon Tattoo 5
Dragon Tattoo 6
Dragon Tattoo 7
Dragon Tattoo 8

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Maori Tattoos

Maori tattoos are often confused with Polynesian tattoos. Maori tattoos are distinctive and lately, they have become one of the most sought after tattoos by men. The designs are mostly spiral and curved lines, as compared to Polynesian tattoos where the lines are straight.

Maori Tattoo 1
Maori Tattoo 2
Maori Tattoo 3
Maori Tattoo 4

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Scorpion Tattoos

Scorpions are deadly and can stop/scare anyone dead in their tracks. As scorpion tattoos are popular among men, do not copy a design as your tattoo. Try to incorporate your own ideas to enhance a design you like or ask your tattoo artist for suggestions.

Scorpion Tattoo 1
Scorpion Tattoo 2

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Spider Tattoos

If done properly, a tribal spider tattoo can look unbelievably amazing. Similar to scorpion tattoos, these designs are also popular and requires some research before a design is finalized. Also, these tattoos look incredible when inked in 3D.

Spider Tattoo 1
Spider  Tattoo 2
Spider Tattoo 3
Spider Tattoo 4

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Sword & Wings Tattoos

Here, we have combined two ideas and come up with a unique style of getting a tribal tattoo made. Instead of getting a sword or wings inked on your arm, you can blend the designs and have a unique tattoo.

Spider Tattoo 1
Spider  Tattoo 2
Spider Tattoo 3
Spider Tattoo 4
Spider Tattoo 5
Spider Tattoo 6

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Turtle Tattoos

Native American and Hawaiian cultures have turtle tattoos as they symbolize inner reflection and peace. These tattoos are not gender specific and they can easily be inked on your arm. We have given a few design ideas below that may interest you.

Turtle Tattoo 1
Turtle Tattoo 2
Turtle  Tattoo 3
Turtle Tattoo 4
Turtle Tattoo 5
Turtle Tattoo 6
Turtle Tattoo 7
Turtle Tattoo 8

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Wild Cats Tattoos

These magnificent beasts make wonderful tattoos as they demonstrate courage, strength, and fierce nature. Men love to show their inner strength and exert the characteristics of these animals. If this appeals to you, why not go for this tattoo?!

Tribal Lion
Tribal Puma

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More Designs

Apart from the tattoo ideas we've mentioned above, here are a few tattoo designs that can be inked over the upper arm. They work best as armband tattoos and look really amazing once done.

Tattoo Design 1
Tattoo Design 2

Depending on the size and intricate design of the tattoo, the tattoo artist will decide whether you require one or more sessions to complete it. For a small tribal tattoo (without shading), it won't take the artist more than an hour or so. However, if the tattoo is covering the upper, lower, or entire arm, the artist will advice you to take more than one sessions. Always consult with an experienced tattoo artist so that your arm tattoo is timeless.