Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Men

Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Men

What's amazing about sleeve tattoos is the fact that they give tattoo bearers a visible platform to showcase their individuality and beliefs out to the world. This Buzzle article is dedicated to all the men who are looking for some interesting half sleeve tattoo design ideas.
Tattoos are believed to have existed even during the stone age, so they surely cannot be categorized into a passing fad. Earlier, one small solitary tattoo design of a skull or snake could be seen on the arms of bikers, but nowadays intricate sleeve tattoos―full or half―are the latest craze. Perhaps earlier the design was of more importance, but now, tattoo enthusiasts give the meaning behind the design an equal amount of consideration. Now, tattoos are a permanent mark of your personality, rather than just a 'wow' design.

It is a general perception that men always fall for a design that's all about the bold strokes and masculine appeal. But, you don't need to follow the crowd. In fact, we believe that no tattoo wearer can ever blindly 'follow the crowd'. After all, inking a tattoo is all about telling the world that 'I am not you'. The following section gives you some interesting ideas to bring forth this uniqueness in your next tattoo. See if you can relate to it.

Mermaid and Dragon

Mermaid and dragon half sleeve tattoo

Getting a tattoo of the two mythical creatures that are the complete opposites of each other, is an intriguing idea indeed. A dragon and mermaid have become symbolic of two opposite elements―fire and water. Also, the two represent rage and calmness, fierceness and sensitivity, fear and fantasy. A melange of these two themes may highlight the duality of your persona. Alternately, it could also depict the beauty-and-the-beast kinda love, where the protective dragon does all to safeguard the enchanting mermaid, it has fallen for. This theme can bring forth many underlying symbolism.

Japanese Tattoo

Samurai half sleeve tattoo

There are several popular Japanese themes and designs, including the Koi fish and Cherry blossom. Inking the Koi fish is believed to bring good luck to the bearer. However, if you wish to go for a manly, deadly Japanese tattoo, then a samurai tattoo would be quite a good choice. A design that shows a samurai with his sword drawn as if to strike the enemy, or slaying the enemy, looks pretty amazing. As we can see above, the usage of some bright colors and strokes has accentuated the look and meaning of this theme all the more.

Tribal Tattoo

Mayan tribal half sleeve tattoo

When it comes to tribal tattoos, the options are endless. Right from Asian to African to Native American, the tattoo world is full of some breathtaking designs and inking styles that can make this primitive theme look as modern and innovative as possible. It isn't necessary to ink a tattoo of your own tribe. With the world seeming so close-knit these days, it isn't uncommon for a westerner to feel spiritually connected with the eastern culture, and vice-versa. With people being open to the concept of karmic accounts and reincarnations, you would see many from different cultures sporting tattoos of a world that would otherwise seem unknown to their "tribe" members.

Celtic Tattoo

Celtic cross half sleeve tattoo

The Celtic symbols have quite a history, they are believed to be existing since the time of cave paintings. Getting a half sleeve tattoo interlaced with Celtic designs like the cross or the shamrock is a great idea. The Celtic knot is also an interesting design to have. These knots do not have a beginning or an end, and represent the amalgamation of the spirit and body, or the unending spiritual journey of human soul in this world and beyond.

Flame Tattoo

Flame half sleeve tattoo

Fire is believed to be the life force, and the bearer of this tattoo is seen as passionate and exciting as its flames. You can have flames of different lengths and colors originating from a source, such as a matchstick, and extending all the way up to your shoulder. The use of bright colors like red, orange, green, and yellow can really liven up this sleeve tattoo design.

An advantage that sleeve tattoos have over other tattoo styles is that one can compose various elements of different origins, and create a unique melange of their life's journey. Many people also extend their sleeve tattoos by adding elements that become an integral part of existence, as they continue forward in their journey of life.

The process of tattooing involves a lot of considerations that are not only limited to the design and placement, but also the risks involved in the process. Because of the usage of needles and puncturing of the skin involved, there is a risk of infections and allergies. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a hygienic tattoo parlor which uses sterilized equipment, to avoid contracting infections. Also, remember that a design as elaborate as a sleeve tattoo is going to be on your body for a lifetime. So, evaluate all the pros and cons of the process to eliminate the possibilities of regret in the future. Choose a good one!