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Italian Tattoos for Men That are About as Awesome as You'd Think

Italian Tattoos for Men
Italian tattoo designs are special as they do not consort to any style. The beauty of these tattoos is that they can be sported on any part of the body. You can incorporate them in old tattoos or you can just have any Italian phrase etched on your arm, leg, foot or chest. Remember to take care of your tattoo, and wear it proudly!
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Italy, the land of pizza, is not only famous for this delicious dish, but also known for its tattoo art, besides other things. There are some peculiar designs and sayings attached to this part of the world, which show in the tattoos that people from this country sport. Nowadays, you can see a lot of men sporting phrases or words on their skin, in the beautiful Italian language.
Design Ideas
cross with wings attached
white image shows just the outline can be printed and black image shows it can be filled with colors
In this design you can etch a cross with wings. You can even color the tattoo or just make borderline without any filling.
various tattoo designs
different tattoo designs
You can choose designs of any pattern. Single pattern or combination of patterns can be done such as square and spirals, overlapping squares, and many more creative designs.
Italian Phrases
If you want to make a statement, ink any Italian phrase on your skin. Some of them may be witty, some may have a matter-of-fact tone, some may be plain or sardonic. You can customize the phrases with the help of different fonts and filigree.
L'amore domina senza regole - Love rules without rules.
Tutto è lecito in guerra e amore - All is fair in war and love.
L'amore è un viaggio non una destinazione - Love is a journey not a destination.
Ti amo con tutto il cuore - I love you with all my heart.
Non posso vivere senza di te - I can't live without you.
Temere l'amore è temere la vita - To fear love is to fear life.
L'amore vince sempre - Love conquers all or love always wins.
Ama profondamente - Love deeply.
Chi ama, crede - He who loves, trusts.
Amor non conosce travaglio - Love never tires.
Life and Death
Finchè c'è vita c'è speranza - Where there's life, there's hope.
Vivi e lascia vivere - Live and let live.
Per sempre - Forever.
La vita è bella - Life is beautiful.
La morte mi troverà vivo - Death will find me alive.
Ciò che non ti uccide ti rende più forte - That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
La fine è solo l'inizio - The end is only the beginning.
Vita - Amore - Risata - Life ~ Love ~ Laughter.
Vivi con passione - Live with passion.
A muovere cielo e terra - To move heaven and earth.
A ciascuno il suo - To each his own.
Non c'è rosa senza spine - There isn't a rose without thorns.
Uno che non sa niente, niente dubbi - One who knows nothing, doubts nothing.
Tale padre, tale figlio - Like father, like son.
Non ci ricordiamo dei giorni, ci ricordiamo dei momenti - We do not remember days, we remember moments.
Dio aiuta coloro che aiutare se stessi - God helps those who help themselves.
Non commettono il male, non avere paura - Do not commit evil, do not be afraid.
Ognuno per sé e Dio per tutti - Every man for himself and God for all.
Italian insignia depicting timeless heritage and culture also make great tattoo designs. The tricolor flag, which stands for patriotism and love for the country, can be inked with a heart, crest, cross or star for a sleeve tattoo. Other than these, horn and cross are some of the popular Italian tattoos for men.
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