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Cool Shoulder Tattoos for Guys to Complete the Macho Look

Shoulder Tattoos for Guys
Tattoos of all kinds have always been very popular with guys. Tribal tattoos are the most loved shoulder tattoos for guys. Celtic, Egyptian, Maori, Polynesian, Haida, Japanese, Hawaiian, and Samoan tattoos are the various ranges within this style which suit many people.
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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Getting a shoulder tattoo done, is a very common thing - especially among the college going youngsters. The main reason behind getting a tattoo on the shoulder is that there is a lot of space for getting a large and attractive tattoo design on the shoulder and it can also be easily hidden - as and when required. The concept of getting shoulder tattoos is prevalent since the ancient times.
koi fish
The Koi Fish tattoos are very traditional and have still managed to retain their popularity. This type of tattoo is known for their unique looks, beauty, charm and their inseparable association with legends of China and Japan. The Koi Fish tattoo is a symbol of perseverance and better luck, which are essential to live a good, happy life. As the Koi Fish tries to swim upstream against the water current, this tattoo gives a message that success or victory is achieved only after a struggle. They also symbolize masculinity, love, immense strength, courage and determination. They are generally black or white in color and the colors can be changed to suit the skin color of the person.
nautical star
The Nautical Star, is basically a star with five points, which have been filled with alternate colors after the points have been split it into half. Nautical Star tattoos are the best option for a shoulder tattoo, which have their origins way back in 1769. These were used by sailors for getting the correct direction during the hours of night navigation. Apart from the shoulders, they are made on other parts of body like arms and legs. They have become popular in the US because of their old use in sailing. They are considered to be one of the best shoulder tattoos for guys though they are equally popular among the girls.
Tips for Designing a Shoulder Tattoo
~ Search for trendy and attractive designs before approaching the artist.
~ Make sure that there is a theme or interesting idea behind choosing a particular design.
~ Decide the length of the tattoo.
~ Use horizontal designs for the shoulder blade and long designs, which are thin for the upper biceps.
Young guy with tattoo
Target practicing with gun
Man holding surfboard
Koi Carp Tattoo
Man with tattoo
Attractive male model with tattoo
Tattoo on arm
Shirtless man with tattoo
Henna tattoo on male shoulder
Man with large tattoo