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These Tribal Animal Tattoos Will Showcase the Wildness in You

Tribal Animal Tattoos
Tattooing an animal image is believed to be a bridge between the animal and the wearer, often transmuting values of the animal into the one wearing it. Intrigued by this thought!
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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Unlike today, where sporting a tattoo is a style statement, the tattoos of the good old past were a means to identify a particular tribe. Besides, it was also a popular medium to express ones spiritual belief. The plain black and white tribal tattoos for instance, said a lot about the person's social status and achievements.
It is believed that animal tattoos represented the guiding soul or the guardian spirit. To say the least, the tribes believed that it was the animal that choose the person, and not vice versa. Traditionally, the person begins to get visions about their appropriate animal. These animals represent a part of the needs or qualities of the person in question.
The Fearless Felines
Cats are clever, secretive, mysterious, intelligent, and intuitive. They are known to be selective, alert, and independent. Cats are symbols of flexibility, adaptability. A cat tattoo is symbolic of the person's independence and self-sufficient ways.
Tribal Animal Tattoos - The Fearless Felines
Tribal Animal Tattoos- The Fearless Felines
Tigers represent strength, power, and bravery. Flaunting a tiger tattoo is considered to be a sign of passion, ferocity, sensuality, beauty, and speed. Most consider it as a sign to show off their strength, thus becoming a symbol of fear and wrath.
Tribal Animal Tattoos - Tiger
Tribal Animal Tattoos- Tiger
Panthers are symbolic of strength, companionship, adventure, loyalty, and triumph. They are also symbolic of power, guardianship, courage, and valor. It embodies aggressiveness, and reflects an ability to do a variety of tasks.
Tribal Animal Tattoos - Panther
Leopards are a symbol of aggressive warriors and kingly castes. A solitary animal as it is, the leopard tattoo is symbolic of aloofness. A predator by nature, the tattoo stands for its power, ferocity, and swiftness.
Tribal Animal Tattoos - Leopard
The Spirited Horse
Horses symbolize nobility, stamina, strength, and power. They also are symbolic of companionship, independence, and intelligence. Besides, they are considered to be graceful and free-spirited.
Tribal Animal Tattoos - The Spirited Horse
Tribal Animal Tattoos- The Spirited Horse
The Wrath of Dragons
Dragons have always been considered to be symbols of protection. Powerful, protective, and fearsome, the dragon is a symbol of faith, strength, and selfless courage.
Tribal Animal Tattoos - The Wrath of Dragons
Tribal Animal Tattoos- The Wrath of Dragons
Tribal Animal Tattoos- The Wrath of Dragons
The Graceful Deer
Deer represent gentleness, grace, and a fighting spirit. They also stand for compassion, generosity, and unconditional love and selflessness.
Tribal Animal Tattoos - The Graceful Deer
Tribal Animal Tattoos- The Graceful Deer
The Stable Turtle
Turtles represent good health and long life. They are also a symbol of patience, stability, and assurance.
Tribal Animal Tattoos - The Stable Turtle
Tribal Animal Tattoos- The Stable Turtle
Tribal Animal Tattoos- The Stable Turtle
Creepy Crawlies
Lizards symbolize conservation and self protection.
Tribal Animal Tattoos - Lizards
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