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An In-depth Look at the Nautical Star Color Meaning and Symbolism

Nautical Star Color Meaning
Very few of us are aware of what nautical star tattoos actually mean, and what their colors denote. Each color of the nautical stars have different meanings associated with them.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
At a very generic level the meaning of a nautical star tattoo is to guide its wearer towards their desire. All the other meanings are mere versions of this understanding.
The nautical star is a symbolic star closely associated with the men serving at the sea. Its simplicity of design, and the profound meaning has made its design a coveted one amongst tattoo enthusiasts.
The five-pointed star is often made in dark and light shades, which are interchanged in a manner reminiscent of a compass rose. It is the color of the nautical star which makes the difference in the design. These stars are also made on different sides of the ship also have different meanings attached to them.
The nautical stars were made famous by sailors, who wore two stars instead of just one. The left star represented the port side, while the star made on the right side was an indicator of the starboard side. These tattoos were used by sailors to flaunt their love for their life at the sea, a star that guided them though their adventures to safety at all times. Some sailors got the nautical star tattoos for certain superstitions as well.
The folklore says these tattoos would ensure safe passage of the sailors despite angry seas, and rough weather conditions. Following this, nautical stars came to be symbols of hope for those back home, who in their quiet abodes prayed for safe return of the beloved sailors.
Today, commoners have also started wearing nautical star tattoos, increasing the span of their meaning to other dimensions of life as well. These stars are also believed to bring strength to fulfill life's ambition to the wearer. Additionally, nautical stars are also linked with the gay-lesbian movement and punk rockers, as constant reminders of their ideals, dreams, and courage to materialize their dreams.
Interpretation of Colored Nautical Stars
The sailors would get their nautical start tattoos made in different colors, which led to trend in inking colored nautical stars. However, these colors aren't just any random ones picked out a palette, but ones that have deeper meaning and thought. The common color combination used to make these stars are red and black, and green and black.
Red Colored Nautical Stars
Red Nautical Stars
A nautical star made in red color is an indicator of the port.
Black and Red Colored Nautical Stars
Black and Red Nautical Stars
A red and black nautical star is made when the sailor has crossed the Pacific Ocean three times, as a matter of pride and joy. It is considered as a great achievement in itself. Red and black nautical star tattoos were also made, because the compass at the bottom of most of the sea maps was colored in red and black.
Green Colored Nautical Stars
Green Nautical Stars
The right side of the ship or the starboard is adorned with green nautical star. Its color also denotes strength, and diversity.
Black Colored Nautical Stars
Black Nautical Stars
Black stars are used to represent the right side of the ship, also known as starboard of the ship.
Blue Colored Nautical Stars
Blue Nautical Stars
Blue nautical star tattoo means you cherish loyalty above everything else.
A blue star represents loyalty as well as sadness.
Along with the different colors, different tattoos of stars can also be used to make nautical stars.
Other nautical stars include the tribal nautical star, the shooting star, moon star, pentagram star or star of David.
One can choose to make these different star designs, with the base as the nautical stars. They can also be made in single color of the person's choice. For example, a red star stands for aggression, and fierce passion. It also represents a significant occasion in the life of the person.
The nautical star color meaning can have their own person interpretations. More often than not different people will come up with different interpretations of the colors they chose to decorate their stars with. The only meaning that remains constant is that this simple star is an eternal emblem of an angelic guide towards making all your wishes come true.