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Hip Tattoos

Hip Tattoos
Hip tattoos are a nice way to highlight one's shapely pelvic region, by experimenting with designs that will complement that area of your body. Here you'll find designs that will help you figure out what works best for your hips...
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Tattoos are a very representative gesture, of showing others what it means to you in terms of symbolism. It is for some a decorative piece of art to ink the body, making it look pleasing to the eye, and not necessarily symbolic in nature. These designs can be on any part of the body, either seen by the naked eye or hidden from visibility like the torso, back, lower back tattoos and so on. Many of us wish we had tattoos, or get that gnawing craving to get another one inked on our bodies.
A tattoo isn't an idea one should shun from their minds, but rather be open to. It may mark your body for life, which is true, therefore it is imperative that you are careful when deciding what design you want, and of course where it'll go on your body. Hip tattoos look good if you know what you want, and how to place them in the right alignment. Find out what designs will suit you, and what you're in for if you want a hip tattoo.
Hip Tattoos Design Placement
Choosing your hip region for a tattoo is tricky, because there's a lot more to just choosing a tattoo to get on your hips. Your pelvic region, which is a place where your bones are either not so prominent, or the kind that stands out if you're of a skinny built, determines how the tattoo session will go. The bonier your hips, the more impactful the tattooing process. The skin area tends to be pretty sensitive around that region, so you may have trouble coping with the pain, not to mention the pressure applied on your pelvic bone.
There's nothing to honestly worry about, except that you need to have that mindset - without pain, you gain nothing. So brace yourself for an experience that may leave you sore, but is totally worth it in the end, when you see the end product of your hip tattoos designs. Hip tattoos for women are common, and guys may think that it's gay to get one on there, but it isn't. Tattoo placement isn't subjected to where you get it done, but what kind of design you decide to get there.
Hip Tattoos Design Ideas
There are a myriad of ideas, that one can choose from, although knowing what goes with your body is what must be considered before choosing your tattoo designs.
Extensive Miscellaneous Art
If you're looking to get hip tattoos that circulate your whole hip region, or one whole part of it, then extensive designs are what you're looking for. These can be vine tattoos, tribal tattoo designs, song lyrics, butterfly tattoos, abstract art, cascading flower tattoos and so on. This kind of art tends to spread out, with the need to cover a large portion that makes the tattoo look well placed being connected in one area, rather than messy and spread out.
This kind of art can travel up the side of the torso or round-up your hip to give it a more fuller, intricate look. Deciding on such a big piece of tattoo art work needs a lot of time. Always ask the tattoo artist to place the stencil (a translucent sheet that tattooists use to draw in your design, so as to leave an ink impression on the body to trace out the pattern) against your body, so you can examine how it looks and accordingly alter the placement to your liking.
Wildlife/Nature Art
This kind of art involves using wildlife and nature inspired artwork, if you have an attachment to flora and fauna, or if you feel like it represents something meaningful to you. Tattoo designs that work best for the hips, are tribal butterfly tattoos, tigers, hummingbirds, flock of birds of different species, school of fish, different species of aquatic wildlife, tree branches, flower bunches, plants and so on. Any of these designs can be used for personal meanings when it comes to being symbolic.
Band/Artist/Instrument Art
This can be a very creative idea for hip tattoos for guys and women too. There are many people who get their favorite singers, band members or instruments they play, tattooed on them. They have that connection and respect to what they consider as iconic. If you happen to love a band/artist enough to get a tattoo of them done on you, think twice to make sure you're a huge fan and not just doing it out of fascination. The interest may die down, leaving you with a permanent reminder of a band/artist you don't like anymore. If you play an instrument, or want to symbolize a certain music genre, then you can get them tattooed on yourself to send out that message. If not an instrument then you can always use the musical symbols of bass and treble to represent the same.
Portrait Art
A portrait of someone you love or admire, is usually done on the upper arm, shoulder or forearm and sometimes even the leg calf. If you want to be different, then try putting a portrait on your hip. it would seem ideal but make sure it isn't too large or it'll lose its detail. Adjust the size to something that won't distort, keeping in mind the curve of your hips.
Symbol Art
Symbols amount to probably the most symbolic of tattoo arts, that is easy to spot and decipher in one passing glance, for example zodiac tattoos. If you want a direct message of what your tattoo means, then symbols are a good choice to place on your hips. This can be aligned in any way, since symbols are easy to work with. Just make sure that it is a symbol you know the correct meaning of. Do your research if you're unsure, and ask around to confirm any doubts - the last thing you need is a tattoo with the wrong tattoo meaning.
Hip tattoos leave a lot of room for one to be creative with designs, being a nice broad area to put down artwork. If you've never had a tattoo done, make sure you go to a good tattooist, who has a good history of tattoo work that ups his reputation. Tattoo care is the next important thing, since taking care of it is the hard part. By keeping all these key elements in mind when it comes to tattooing, you're all set to getting inked. Good luck!
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