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Thigh Tattoos for Girls

These days there are numerous inquiries for thigh tattoos for girls. There are various reasons why girls choose to get a tattoo made on their thighs. We will read about some tattoo ideas in this ThoughtfulTattoos article.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
The marking made on the skin by inserting un-erasable ink into the dermis layer of the skin is commonly known as the art of tattooing. The ink changes the pigment color. They have been used as decorations on the body by humans. The term 'tattoo' finds its origin in the Samoa island. Although previously tattoos did not have a standing in the society, however the change in belief, that the society has undergone is clearly visible, when it comes to tattoos. The common tattoos were ankle tattoos, lower back tattoos, sleeve tattoos, wrist tattoos, etc. However, the trend is now shifting and thigh tattoos have become very popular, especially among the girls.

Thigh tattoos have taken the tattoo world by storm. The most common reason for getting such a tattoo is that they can be hidden very easily. A number of organizations do not approve of their employees wearing tattoos. A tattoo on the thigh can easily be hidden and no special pains have to be taken for the same. At the same time, one does not have to get a touch up as they are hardly exposed to the sun.
Ideas for Cute Tattoos
The designs for women became popular when Angelina Jolie got a tattoo inked on her thigh and dedicated it to her partner Brad Pitt. From then on the search for cute thigh tattoos for girls has risen considerable. Let's see some tattoo designs, which you can opt for.
If you believe in angels, then a praying angel makes for great upper thigh tattoos, la Beyonce Knowles. But if you are the kinds, who likes big tattoos, then you can opt for a tattoo design which will cover the entire of the thigh region. A beautiful design surrounded by flowers is an interesting idea. Similarly, you can choose from the wide range of tribal tattoos to get an appropriate tattoo for your thighs. Tribal tattoos have a wide range of tattoos, which you can consider. You can choose from tribal rose tattoos to tribal dragon tattoo designs. If you prefer black tattoos as compared to the colored tattoos, then tribal tattoos is the best option you have.
Girls and flower tattoos have a long connection. Flower tattoos can be done on any part of the body and they look equally feminine. If you are found of large tattoos, then you can opt for a floral design intertwined with vine tattoos starting at the thighs and ending at the legs. The different flower tattoos designs, you can opt for are lily, hibiscus, gladiolus, tropical flowers, lotus, aster, etc. You can also make a combination of different designs with flower tattoos, like butterfly and flower tattoo designs, etc. Flower and heart make for an interesting tattoo design. You can get the name of your loved one engraved in the heart and dedicate the tattoo to your loved one. Other than these designs, you can also opt for Hawaiian flower tattoos as well.
If there is a particular saying or quote you like, then you can also have it tattooed on the thigh. Since the canvas available on the thigh is large, you can fit in a long saying as well. You can make use of different lettering styles for tattoos for the same. These tattoos can also be decorated using some other designs as well.
If you have nursed the idea of getting a particular design for long, then you can use the same design to make thigh tattoo. Once you get the tattoo done, you will have to take appropriate tattoo care. This will help to preserve the tattoo longer and ward off any infection.
Girl with tattoo on hip
Young woman with hip tattoo
Tattooed Woman with Bicycle
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