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Information About Diamond Ear Gauges

Information About Diamond Ear Gauges
Bored of your plain old ear gauges and want something more eye-catching? You could replace regular ear gauges with a pair of diamond gauges. They look very trendy, stylish, and cool.
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People sporting ear gauges sure make heads turn due to their bold and unique style statement. Not everybody can carry this body art simply because piercing and stretching earlobes to a desired size requires a lot of devotion, patience, and tolerance; it ain't a very casual thing.
Although a lot of people find body piercing weird, a lot of youngsters actually find it cool and sexy. The concept of ear gauging originated in Asia, and was extensively followed by many indigenous tribes. These tribes used ear gauges made up of natural material such as wood, ivory, stone, etc. However, modern ear gauges come in a variety of designs and materials. Some come in simple ring shapes, some look like bullets, some have cartoons or symbols engraved, and the most recent ones are even gem-studded. Let's know more about ear gauges made of diamonds.
What are Diamond Ear Gauges
People who are willing to go that extra mile to make a style statement can readily purchase a pair of diamond ear gauges. If you're keen on ear stretching, and also harbor a love towards diamonds, you must surely buy these. Diamond gauge earrings have been in popular demand lately, and many manufacturers have come up with several exciting designs of the same.
Also, those who are bored with common ear plugs, tunnels, and tapers that are made up of stainless steel, bones, natural stones, or marble, now have the option to choose from several designs of diamond ear gauges. Similarly, if you like other gems like rubies or sapphires, you can easily get them customized at a piercing or jewelry store. Additionally, there are a lot of dealers on the Internet who can offer you such gauges at discounted prices. A word of caution though, before you purchase diamonds on the Internet, always confirm the authenticity and reputation of the seller.
Diamond Ear Gauges Design Options
Although diamond ear gauges mostly mean gauges with real diamonds; a lot of people also wear 'diamond-shaped' ear gauges. These don't have real diamonds; they simply look like diamonds or have diamonds carved over them. However, if one is truly willing to buy real diamond/gemstone ear gauges, he/she should consider looking in the right places. The best way is to visit a jeweler and discuss your gauge idea along with the type of diamond you wish to have.
When choosing a pair of ear gauges, look for cool designs. Some ear plugs have a big solitaire in the center, or several small diamonds embedded on the rim, which certainly looks glam and classy. Girls can opt for European-cut diamonds, whereas guys can look for diamonds with point or table cuts. Also, a single diamond looks cooler on boys, while several tiny diamonds suit girls. Choose the cut and design of diamonds as per your personal preferences.
Secondly, you should also choose a suitable embedding material. You could go for stainless steel, wood, marble, or even titanium. The pairing of a diamond in a platinum ear gauge looks absolutely stunning. To flaunt the sheen of the diamond, choose a material that has less shine, such as marble or wood, this will make the diamond look catchy and attractive.
So what are you waiting for? Replace your old gauges with classy diamond studded ones. You could wear them regularly or occasionally; however in both cases, people are surely going to notice them.
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