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Get Your Swag On: Information About Triple Forward Helix Piercing

Information About Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Piercing the forward helix of one's ear is the current fashion trend. The number of jewelry worn by a person on the pierced helix can vary. However, placing three earrings on the helix is the most popular trend now. ThoughtfulTattoos will tell you all about the triple forward helix piercing.
Rucha Phatak
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
In some countries, piercing is associated with religion and culture. For example, in Hindu culture, almost all girls and boys get their earlobes pierced before they turn 3. Though it is related to tradition, piercing the lobes are said to have therapeutic value from an acupuncture point of view.
Changing your appearance is a great way to make a fashion statement. The general trend is to make an impression on all and sundry as also to look different. Hence, they dress up accordingly keeping up with the current fashion trends, use makeup, wear different hairstyles, etc. Body piercing is another fashion trend which is in vogue.

Since the ancient Greek times, the practice of wearing gold earrings was prevalent in sailors. The earrings they wore were an indication of having crossed the equator or having accomplished the great task of traveling around the world. The belief was that they would be given a "proper Christian burial" if ever they died at sea and their bodies were found by people on the shore. History has it that men, women, and children of different cultures did have their ears pierced to keep up with the existing traditions then.

There has been a boom in the ear piercing styles lately, few of them are tragus piercing, antitragus piercing, lobe piercing, and helix piercing. Let us find out more about a type that has recently received rave reviews and has caught the attention of many―The Triple Forward Helix Piercing!
What is Triple Forward Helix Piercing?
This type of piercing is done on the forward helix of the ear, or the part of the helix which comes forward to meet the side of the head. In simple words, the inner rim of our upper ear is pierced with three earrings. The piercing is placed vertically above the tragus area.
People have a list to opt from, "at home" piercing to professional piercing, each having different styles of their own. However, getting the piercing done from professionals is strongly recommended. Professionals use a piercing instrument called ear piercing gun. It uses a sharp and pointed earring to pierce the earlobe. The feeling that one gets is that of being pinched or being snapped by a rubber band. However, these sharp pointers should be sterilized before use, to stop transmission of any disease or skin allergies.
The cost could range between USD 40 - 200. For each of the three helix piercing, it might range from USD 20 -50. Jewelry is a separate cost.
You can easily change the jewelry within two to three months. You can change it yourself, or if you are anxious enough to get it changed right away, you can go to the piercer and do so. There are several types of jewelry that you can wear on your forward helix piercing. The most popular ones are studs and rings. Trying out different sizes in these will make your piercing appear beautiful. However, you can try several combinations and wear the one that suits you best.
Blue Color Earrings
Helix Piercing with Studs
Circular Earrings
Helix Piercing with Rings
Barbell Helix Piercing
Helix Piercing with Barbells
Results of Piercing
In the piercing process, a needle is pushed through your skin to make a tiny hole in the earlobe. Therefore, you may feel a little pain during the process. You may feel slight discomfort when the jewelry is inserted in the hole. The pain entirely depends on the piercer's proficiency and your tolerance for pain. If the pain is unbearable, before proceeding to pierce the other 2 holes, arrange different dates or time with the piercer for the same.
A little bleeding is normal as the blood vessels in the area get pierced during the process. However there is no cause for alarm. Always remember the famous quote―no pain, no gain!
Healing Time
The healing period varies from person to person and may take 3-12 months to heal. Effective aftercare measures are recommended to reduce the healing time.
Aftercare Practices
Precaution is better than cure. Hence, touch the pierced area as little as possible as our hands may carry germs that might infect the area. Avoid any makeup such as cream, hairspray, etc.
Swimming in chlorinated water pools are a complete no-no as the chlorine in the water may act as a skin irritant. Care must be taken while combing your hair or changing your clothes. Primarily to avoid the pain that you may feel if your jewelry gets caught in your clothes and is pulled on.

Most importantly, do not sleep on your side till the piercing is healed. Soaking in salt water is also advisable as it averts infections, thus cutting down the healing time by keeping the pierced area clean. In case, the pain and infection persist, visit your physician without further delay.
Health Risk
Like any type of body piercing, forward helix piercing involves some risks too. There are chances of infection, disease transmission, allergic reactions, keloid formation, and traumatic tearing of the skin. Health risks can be avoided if you get pierced from professionals who use clean and sterilized piercing guns and jewelry.
As Publilius Syrus had said, "The pain of the mind is worse than the pain of the body."
Always double check the objects used and also consult with your family physician for advice.

Well, there is nothing like getting firsthand information about whatever you want to pursue, be it studies or getting your earlobes pierced. However, eliminate the fear that will stop you from being adventurous.