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How to Pierce Your Own Ear

How to Pierce Your Own Ear
For one of the most 'pierced'... I mean, prized possessions you have, learn correctly how to pierce your own ear. It's not as easy as it sounds.
Veethi Telang
Seems like you aren't much of a stern believer of money squander, are you? Had I been in your place, I wouldn't have thought twice before getting ears pierced from outside. Forget money - all I need is safety and ease. You see, ear piercing is not simple as ABC. A needle gone wrong can result into long-lasting infection, and may take years to heal. Did I just terrify you? I'm sorry if I did. Anyway, if you're still standing pat about piercing your ear yourself, some terms and conditions is what is awaiting you in the content to follow below. Getting ears pierced for the first time may hurt like hell, but if done carefully, it heals in the nick of time. The following cluster of words attempts to explain how to go about piercing your own ear, without it hurting.
Piercing Your Own Ear Cartilage
Okay, if you want to pierce your ear yourself, cartilage piercing is the easiest and perhaps, the safest option. You can even double pierce your own ear cartilage without much of a hassle, if you are playing safe. The following text is for you.
You require
  • Sterilized piercing needle
  • Sterilized earring (a stud or a captive bead ring)
  • Ice
  • Cotton
Step 1
Cleanliness is godliness! Yeah, this cliché sucks, but is the ultimate life-saver. Wash your hands in the first place, and all the instruments you are going to use. We do not need any, any kind of infections.
Step 2
If you're just too scared of the pain you're going to experience, use ice to numb the area. Apply ice over the ear cartilage until it goes numb. When you realize it's pretty anesthetized, follow the next step.
Step 3
Carefully, stretch the area you've selected to pierce, and gently push the piercing needle through it. Don't take it out instantly. Keep it for a while, say 5 minutes or so, and gently take it out, thus, replacing it with your earring.
Step 4
Clean the area around your pierced area with cotton, and wipe the blood, if it oozes out.
Should you need to pierce the other ear too, follow the same steps. However, if the pain is unbearable, wait for a while, and then carry out the same process as above. Also, if cartilage piercing is not what you wanted, try out different types of ear piercings, and have fun with experimenting!
Ear Piercing Aftercare: Tips and Warnings
You should know that there are a number of problems associated with this experiment that you just did for fun! Sometimes, you're so carried away by the awesomeness of your piercing, that you tend to sideline the likeliness of ear piercing infections. Hence, there are a few points you need to keep account of, whether or not your self-piercing experiment was successful. Here they are:
  • Piercing hurts, no matter how tolerant you are. So, you can consume pain-killers in case the pain is unbearable. Pain will, anyway, alleviate as weeks pass by.
  • Make sure you clean your ear once everyday. This is one of the chief requisites of ear piercing aftercare. In case crust accumulates on the surface of the pierced area, make sure you don't scratch it. Instead, rinse it with saline.
  • The first earring should last for at least a month. Don't be a fashion victim, and change earrings every now and then!
  • Most preferably, show a professional piercer if what you've done is okay, and seek consultancy, if required.
  • Don't experiment piercing on your friends unless you are a professional piercer.
  • Use good quality shampoos and conditioners for your hair, as any product, when in contact with your pierced ear, may cause irritation.
  • Don't use public telephones, headphones, etc. as they may infect your ear.
  • Eat well, and stay away from alcohol and drugs. This will trigger the healing process.
There you go! A couple of minutes ago you had no idea about how to pierce your own ears, and now, you know everything from beginning to the end. Be very, very careful while getting your ears pierced. These words that I've put forth may be easy to read, but immensely hard to go by. Awaiting a beam of success on your face!