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How to Stretch Your Ears

If you want to wear bigger earrings and you have standard size piercing, you will have to stretch your ears. If you know how to, you can stretch your ears to a large size, which will enable you to wear larger earrings.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
The latest trend to have hit the fashion industry is stretching the ears. Not only are women affected with this fashion, but men have also jumped into it. To accommodate the bigger earrings, it is necessary to stretch the ears, so that the posts can fit into the ear hole. To be able to stretch your ears appropriately, you should know how to do it, so that you do not cause harm to your ear.
Stretching your Ears with Tapers
To make bigger ear gauges, the first step you will have to take is to choose an earring, whose posts is one size bigger than your ear piercing. It is recommended, that either stainless steel or glass jewelry piece be chosen. Massage the ears and ear lobes with any non petroleum based oil. Do so for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Take a hot shower, which will help in stretching the ears. Now on both the ears and tapers apply lubricant liberally. Gradually slide the taper through the ear, however, make sure you do not experience bleeding, excessive pain or resistance. Once the taper makes its way about halfway through the ear, wait for a few seconds for the taper to settle and then push it through completely. Sometimes, it is possible, that the taper will take a few minutes or a few hours or a couple of days to settle in. When the ear is ready, push the taper a little further. Do not be rough with the ears, for it can have damaging effects. Once the taper is pushed through, pass the piece of earring.
You can now clean all the lubricant. Now make a soak using sea salt and warm water. Mix both of them and put the soak on the piercing. Also use oil to massage the said area. While the piercing is still raw and has not healed, use only stainless steel or glass jewelry. The healing time is different for different people. Before you try to stretch the ear again, it is best to wait for a period of two months at least.
Stretching your Ears without Tapers
Like mentioned in the previous paragraph, start off with buying a piece of jewelry, which is of larger size than your current ones. Wash the ears with an antibacterial soap to ensure there is no infection in the said area. Massage the ear lobes with some oil and then use warm water compress on the ear lobe. This will prove to be of immense help in the ear stretching process. You can cover the post with some antibacterial soap, which will help the earring to slide in. Now gradually try to insert the new piece of jewelry in the ear lobe. Remember that the post of the new ring is bigger than the piercing, therefore you will have to be careful, to ensure you do not hurt yourself or tear the ear. Once the earring has passed, use any oil to massage the said area, so that the healing process is accelerated.
Now that you know how to stretch your ears, you will want to ensure that the piercing is not infected after you stretch it. The piercing area should be cleaned ideally twice a day, but at least once a day using antibacterial soap. Use warm water compress on the ear lobes before you clean the area, so that it becomes easier to clean the area and is not painful. Ideally you can clean it once in the morning, when you are taking your shower. Move the rings a couple of times throughout the day. This will ensure that the rings do not stick to the skin on the ear and heal faster. If you see any infection, it is best to remove the earring and consult your health care professional. The infection should not be neglected.