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How to Heal Gauged Ears

How to Heal Gauged Ears

How to prevent an infection in gauged ears? How to heal gauged ears? If these are the questions on your mind, you will certainly find the home remedies to take care of gauged ears, listed in this article, to be very useful...
Aastha Dogra
Ear gauging is a technique which is used to stretch the ear piercing a person already has, so that it increases in size. This technique is very popular amongst the youngsters who want to wear a number of trendy ear pieces but their original piercings are too small to accommodate them. Through ear gauging, they are able to increase the size of their piercing and thus, can wear all the jewelry pieces they want! There is one hitch to ear gauging though. Sometimes, it can cause an infection in the ear, especially if proper care is not taken to keep the ears clean and germ-free. So, if you have gone in for ear gauging recently, there are some things that you should do on a regular basis, to prevent any kind of infection from developing. Scroll down for some effective tips on how to take care of gauged ears.

Healing Gauged Ears

Tip # 1
The most important thing that you need to do is to wash your ears with an antibacterial soap everyday. This will prevent any kind of bacterial or germ buildup on the skin. So, once a day, remove all your ear jewelry and clean your ears with the soap. When you are cleaning your ears, see to it that your hands are absolutely clean too. Take a small amount of soap, make lather and rub it on the skin area around your ear piercing. Let the soap sit on the skin for about one minute and after that, wash it off with lukewarm water. In the end, take a towel and dry your ears thoroughly. Wait for a minute or so, for the skin area to completely dry out and after that, you can put back your earrings.

Tip # 2
Sea salts are known to possess natural healing properties and thus, are excellent for taking care of gauged ears. Make a solution with one cup lukewarm water and one teaspoon of sea salts. Pour this solution in a small bowl and place your ear in it. Keep it submerged in the solution for about ten minutes. Repeat the same method twice a day.

Tip # 3
Once a week, clean your jewelry too, so that they are sans any kind of germs or bacteria, which can otherwise lead to infection. So, take out all your ear jewelry and keep it in a cup filled with rubbing alcohol for about ten minutes. Follow this up by drying them completely with a towel and then finally, put them on.

Tip # 4
In case your ears get infected, even after taking all the precautions, there is nothing much to worry about, as you can treat the same at home itself. So, if you see that an infection has developed, remove the expander from the ear and do not wear it, till the infection completely heals. Thrice a day, soak your ear in a saltwater solution, for about ten minutes. Follow this up by applying a triple antibiotic ointment to the affected skin area. Until your infection completely heals, you can wear an expander of a smaller size, than the one with which you got an infection.

Tip # 5
Many a time, an infection caused by ear gauges, leads to swelling and pain. So, in order to get rid of both these as well as the resultant discomfort, apply warm compresses on the affected area, a number of times in a day.

Often times, it is seen that infections develop due to ear gauges, when a person tries to stretch the piercing a way too soon. Ideally, only one expander size should be increased after every month. So, if you follow this rule as well as the tips suggested above, there is very less possibility of your ears to catch an infection because of ear gauging. And even if they do, be proactive and start with the home remedies suggested here, as soon as you see the signs of infection, like pus, swelling and pain around your ear piercings.