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Getting Ears Pierced for the First Time

Getting your ears pierced is an amazing idea, as you have an array of styles to play around with. But, if you are skeptical about it, give this article a read, as it strives at putting your mind at ease regarding all your questions and second thoughts about this procedure.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Ear piercings look ├╝ber-cool and add a flair to your personality. Millions of youngsters and older people are getting them done, and are flaunting them proudly. Piercings make your ears look delicate and artistic, no matter what kind of jewelry you use. If you are planning on getting your first piercing, you need to know some basic information, so that your mind is at ease and you are not scared of the pain that is experienced while getting this procedure done.
Procedure Used
Piercers use two methods of piercing the ears- gunshot and needle. Piercing using a gun was initially intended to pierce only earlobes. But now, this device is used to pierce other parts of the ear as well, due to changes made in the design of the tool and piece of jewelry, over the ears. The only disadvantage of using this tool is that it may lead to damage to the tissues, especially in the case of cartilage piercings, a hole is very crucial.
In case of needles, the tissue is not torn off, unlike the gunshot. As these are really sharp, they easily go through the skin making a crescent shaped hole. Needles may be a good option if you are finicky about hygiene. If you have to do a gun piercing, well, then make sure you get it done from a very reliable place.
There is an earlobe piercing and ear cartilage piercing. The cost of getting the piercing depends on where on the ear you are getting it done. The lobe costs less, compared to the helix or tragus. The cost can vary from $20 to $100. Cartilage piercings cost more than the lobe. This can vary depending upon where you go and where exactly on the ear lobe and cartilage you get the piercing.
Anyone who has got a piercing, his or her main objective should be to keep it clean to prevent infection. Hence, after piercing your ears, if you are to touch the spot, then make sure that your hands are squeaky clean. The best part about ear piercings is that there is a very low possibility of an infection. The piercer will give you instructions on how to care for your piercing so that it heals well. Follow all his instructions accurately, and try to keep the area as clean as you can at all times.
Piercings on the lobe heal faster (6 to 8 weeks) than cartilage piercings, which take about 4 months. Using a good antiseptic solution is very crucial. Also, take care while wearing clothes and combing your hair. In addition to all this, gently and carefully rotate the stud or the ring a couple of times in the day. That will prevent the jewelry from getting stuck to your skin.
If the piercing is done well, then it won't hurt, you will just feel a prick. But, once the effect of the numbing solution wears off, there would obviously be some amount of pain. It also is determined by the type of ear piercing to some extent. How much it hurts is determined by the level of endurance of that person. So, do not worry, clear your mind of all your apprehensions, and get your piercing done.