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Celtic Cross Tattoos

Celtic Cross Tattoos
Many people have a misconception that Celtic cross tattoos come in only a few patterns. This article will bust this myth, and will also tell you about some of the popular designs.
Stephen Rampur
Some people prefer their tattoo design to be simple, whereas some like it intricate. One of the simplest designs for body art is a Celtic cross. However, just because they are simple does not necessarily mean that they cannot be combined with other patterns and converted into complex designs. You can surely add a complex pattern to the Celtic cross and make it more attractive. People may wear this body art with regards to their cultural heritage, or to display their strong faith.
The basic pattern of a Celtic cross is a circle with a cross set over it. Different cultures have their separate beliefs and meanings for these tattoos. Roman Catholics say that the circle is a representation of the eternity of God's love. On the other hand, the Druids believed that the cross represents a phallus, whereas for the Neo Pagans, the circle resembles Sun. Some cultures also believe that the combination of the cross and the circle is a symbol of fertility; with the cross resembling a male, and the circle a female. As such, different cultures have their individual views about the Celtic cross, which is traditionally referred to as the Cross of Iona.
These designs can be made small or extremely large. A majority of tattoo enthusiasts prefer to wear this type of body art on their upper arm. This gives them the freedom to not only flaunt it for style, but also hide it whenever necessary. These designs also look good on the forearms, and lower or upper back.
The main attraction of any Celtic tattoo is the intricate knot-work that has neither beginning, nor end. This is what makes the design look beautiful and attractive. Some of the popular designs in Celtic cross are:
  • A Celtic cross in metal finish, with a rose placed over the circle
  • A Celtic cross with knots of ribbons woven around it completely
  • A simple Celtic cross with a heart placed over it
  • A cross made with knots and ribbons themselves
  • A cross and circle design with ancient art made in them, and a blue diamond set in the center
  • A Celtic cross with fire in the background, and a gold crown at the top
There can also be a wide variety of colors in which these designs can be worn, such as blue, red, green, yellow, black, etc. However, the most popularly used colors are black and red. If you want to keep the design short and small, you can get it done with all four ends of the cross extending only till the border of the circle.
If you want a body art with intense spiritual value, Celtic cross is the most appropriate design for you. Though if you are wearing it just for the sake of being voguish, you have the choice of combining it with other tattoos to create more intricate designs.
cross in celtic style with ribbons of fire
Celtic Cross
Knotted celtic cross stencil