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Celtic Tattoos And Their Meanings

Celtic Tattoos And Their Meanings
Celtic tattoos are popular for their beauty and the fact that every tattoo symbolizes something or the other. This ThoughtfulTattoos article provides various designs for you to choose from.
Aarti R
Celtic people are those Europeans who speak European languages and have adopted the Celtic culture. Celts were a diverse group of tribal societies, and were formed in the early iron age. They belonged to Europe, and mostly inhabited the northern Britain which was called Caledonia. They believed that life was a driving power of the universe, and that the cycle of life goes on continuously, and death is just a short interruption. The Celtic tattoos mostly symbolize wisdom, as the symbols were based on the deep understanding of mathematics and geometry. Let us discuss the different tattoo designs and their meanings.
» Cross
The Celtic cross consists of the cross over a circle. The cross is a Christian symbol which emerged in the 4th century, before that the gospel was introduced to sun and moon worshiping. The cross and the circle came together so as to bring the Druids (pre-Christians or Celts) to Christ. It is believed that St. Patrick marked a cross on their sacred circle. However, the druids kept on worshiping the cross with a circle, while the Christians re-sculpted it to the cross. It symbolizes a bridge in between the earth and heaven.
» Knots
Celtic knots are decorative as well as deeply cultural and symbolic. They are made of interwoven spirals, mazes, and knots. These knots were used in designing jewelry, carving wood, and sculpting stones. They have complex and intricate designs, and are believed to reflect the complexity of nature. As the knots do not have a beginning or end, they symbolize the cycles of the seasons or eternity.
» Butterfly
Celtic butterfly tattoos are the symbol of rebirth and transformation. Now, the person who gets this tattoo has gone through some tough times, and is ready to face the world's challenges again. Therefore, it symbolizes rebirth and transformation. However, in some cultures, the butterfly is the personification of someone's soul. Apart from the cultural meaning, these tattoos are very feminine, and look fab on the shoulder or ankle.
» Claddagh
Claddagh tattoo is another popular design. It is a friendship ring or a wedding ring which portrays a heart with crown, which is held by two hands. All these three elements in the symbol have a meaning. The crown symbolizes loyalty, hands symbolize friendship, and the heart symbolizes love.
» Shamrock
Shamrock tattoo symbolizes the perfect example of a Celtic design and represents Ireland. It is the symbol of Holy Trinity in the Irish Catholic Church.
» Heart
The Celtic heart stands for the union of souls, and is a tattoo usually used to express devotedness to your loved ones.
» Other Designs
The following are some of the other known Celtic tattoo designs:
  • Tree Of Life
  • Dragon
  • Dog
  • Bear and bear claw
  • Ravens and other birds
  • Lion Flowers
  • Pentagram
  • Horses
  • Eagle
Celtic tattoos are just not known for their trendy look; it is the meaning attached to every tattoo, which adds to its popularity.
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