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These Gothic Cross Tattoos Will Give You Serious Tattoo Goals

Madhura Pandit Mar 12, 2019
If you believe in Gothic art and culture, you can consider inscribing a Gothic cross for a tattoo. It is unique and very different from the usual cross designs.
Tattoo making is an ancient form of art that has regained popularity. Today it is sported by everyone, ranging from celebrities to commoners. As there are endless designs and patterns, choosing a single tattoo design can be difficult. If you have chosen to make a tattoo based on Gothic art, there are two things that need to be taken into consideration.
Gothic may refer to the art during the medieval period, related to Goths. Or today the word, Gothic refers to a unique culture. Gothic art and designs arouse mixed feelings of love and dread, evil and good, etc.


Gothic cross tattoos are symbols of Christianity, but, on the darker side. A cross is one of the most symbolic signs in the world (only next to the heart).
Cross tattoos are usually made by people believing in and following Christianity. It is a common misconception that Goths are satanists. This is untrue. Goths may portray negative symbolism, they may or may not believe in Christianity, but, they do not worship Satan.
These tattoos symbolize pain and darkness. Gothic crosses often portray the classic German style of wrought iron work used in the Victorian and Edwardian culture. Wrought iron and barbed wires around the cross create negative images of mystery, pain and anger.


A Gothic cross is a Latin cross heavily adorned with ornamental designs. They are creative and incorporate a large number of images and symbols in their art.
Negative images like demons, vampires, skulls, the Grim reaper, barbed wire, etc., are common.
At the same time, wings, roses, angels, fairies, etc., also form a part of Gothic art.
People following the Gothic culture believe in the occult and Wiccan culture. Therefore, images of black cats and other mysterious objects may also be found in their art. It should be noted that black color is predominantly used in Gothic culture, and the tattoos are made in deeper shades of black.
You can be creative and commingle different designs with the cross to create a unique tattoo. Sometimes, gargoyles, human skull or bones are also drawn alongside the cross. These tattoos can be made on any part of the body.
However, tattoo artists suggest the tattoo to be made in larger size, and thus, on the back, chest, upper arm, neck, etc.
This is a unique tattoo design that will surely stand the test of time. There are a few things to be taken into consideration before going for this tattoo. Firstly, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding Gothic art. Secondly, removing a permanent tattoo can be painful. Therefore, put in a lot of thought before going for these tattoos. 
Lastly, note that you should go for a tattoo only if it symbolizes your personality and beliefs. Ciao!