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12 Extremely Amazing Warrior Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

12 Amazing Warrior Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings
If you thought a warrior only epitomizes violence and carnage, then let us tell you that you have been cradling a real serious misconception. Warrior tattoos look dauntingly sexy and stylish. We present to you 12 amazing warrior tattoo designs along with their meanings.
Sai Kardile
Last Updated: May 18, 2018
"A lot of my friends have tattoos; I realized that it's not only just a part of pop culture, but a bit of a map on someone's body, which says something about people. A part of their life, like an armor or a crest."
― Christian Louboutin
What's the first word that pops into your head when you hear the word 'warrior'? Valiant? Aggressive? Persistent? Powerful? Probably all of them. A warrior, apart from being lion-hearted and dauntless, has an indomitable spirit; someone who believes and upholds the truth and fights evil. He is someone whose soul will never quaver to hear his inner voice and has a heart to faithfully pursue a cause, because he believes in its power.

In the world of tattoos, 'warrior' tattoos may not make a very common sight, but that doesn't mean they are unheard of. It has its own aficionados, who sport them for its vast symbolic significance and for their rich, imposing designs. Spartan, Roman, Samurai, Celtic, Viking, Native American, Aztec, female warrior, angel warrior, etc., are some of the most popular warrior tattoo designs.

The following common associations of 'warrior' can be ascribed for its popularity-

Warrior Tattoo Designs
Samurai Tattoo
Dauntless, noble, honorable, discipline, and masculinity are some symbolic meanings associated with Samurai tattoos. Bright, colorful, and elaborated, these tattoos symbolize the brevity and frailty of life and give a message to live each coming day wholly, as if it was your last. A Samurai adheres to the "Bushido", which means the way of the warrior and exemplify the highest ideals of Japanese culture.
Viking Tattoo
Viking tattoos are favorite amongst those who like detailed art work and shading. One can choose to get inked in a myriad ways but the most common and liked design of the Viking remains that of head shot with detailed facial features, especially eyes and headgear. Viking tattoos can be worn to represent good luck, protection, reincarnation, triumph, freedom, and bravery.
Red Indian Warrior
If you are looking for an intense, bold, and striking tattoo design, then look no further than the Indian warrior tattoo. Resplendent plumage, embellished headgear, and colorful designs make native Indian warrior tattoos look powerful and splendid.
Roman Tattoo
Tattooing was not really considered as an art in ancient times and was looked upon as an ignominy as it was predominantly used as a symbol of punishment. We are glad that times have changed and today, tattoos are a symbol of pride for its wearers. Just take a look at this gladiator tattoo, it looks so ferocious, charged, and animate with that mohawk headgear, shield, and sword that it seems this warrior will tear his way through the skin and go in for the kill.
Female Warrior
They look formidable, sexy, and just fetching; female warrior tattoos look visually glorious because of their beautiful form. Ferocity and femininity are known to wrought a compelling image and so if you are looking for a wonderfully dominating design that is suffused with rawness and sex appeal, then a female warrior design is right up your alley.
Oriental influence
Hailing from the lands of the Orient, these female warriors look graceful and lithesome, but they can wield their katana with ease and masterful precision. These tattoos make an appealing dichotomy of grace and gore and look beautiful with cherry blossom, which emphasizes the evanescent nature of these brave warriors.
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