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Fascinating Ideas for Meaningful Bohemian Tattoo Designs

Meaningful Bohemian Tattoo Design Ideas
To ink the spirit of the free-willed bohemian life, you need to have the perfect design. It has to be the right visual representation of an emotion full of life, love, and laughter. Here's taking a look at some of the meaningful bohemian tattoo designs that you can pick from.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them.
―Candace Bushnell
Wild. Free. Rebellious. Artistic. Eccentric. Vibrant. Mirthful. Mysterious. Beguiling. Free-spirited quite often, the bohemian lot have intrigued and inspired many artists right from Pierre-Auguste Renoir to musicians like the Beatles. The idea of a bohemian individual cannot be defined in words, it is a concept subject to change, taking form as it flows along. The only thing true about a bohemian is a gypsy soul, fueled by a passion to discover the joy of living and loving with every breath, until the very end. These hippie souls belong to a school of thought that happiness, and happiness alone is the end game, while everything is a means to an end for just that.
Once again, it is a concept that cannot be put into words. It can only be felt, experienced, and shared with. A bohemian finds a channel to grow as an individual in the artistic realm, where imagination is nurtured with dreams, where actions begin with believing, and where communities thrive on faith. If despite your corporate costume and geographical boundaries, you find yourself free-spirited only when connected with your bohemian heart, then you ought to wear your emotion on your sleeve. Here are a few bohemian tattoo design ideas that you can ink to remind yourself of the free-spirited person you truly are, and inspire the others around you as well.
Meaningful Bohemian Tattoo Ideas
Flying Doves
Flying doves tattoo
A dove is forever associated with feelings of inner peace, love, and compassion. This trinity is the very foundation or union that gives birth to the idea of a bohemian spirit. A perfect tattoo that amalgamates these feelings is that of flying doves, reaching for the sky in a hope for love, forevermore. Use the larger space on your arm to ink this tattoo, for every time you lift it upwards, it will always show the doves reaching for sky. You can also use words in this tattoo that you closely relate to, to make it your own design.
Dreamcatcher bohemian tattoo
The origins of dreamcatchers can be traced back to the Native American culture. They were first introduced by the Ojibwe people, but after the Pan-Indian Movement, dreamcatchers became a symbol of unity. As the legend has it, the Spider Woman or Asibikaashi, took care of the all the children of the Ojibwe community. As the community spread to the farther corners of North America, her reach became less. Thus, to protect the children from bad dreams, mothers used to weave dreamcatchers using willow hoops, sinew, beads, and feathers to filter their bad dreams, and allow only positive thoughts. In alignment with both, a symbol of unity and as an object that allows only good thoughts, a dreamcatcher is the yet another tattoo with enough quirk to speak of the spirit of a bohemian.
Wanderlust bohemian tattoo
"Of all the things I am not very good at, living in the real world is perhaps the most outstanding", said Bill Bryson, one of the greatest travel writers who moves you across boundaries and urges you get up, pack your bags, book your ticket, and never come back. After all, isn't an impulsive streak to travel, explore, experience, and be mesmerized by each new wonder a new place brings, a peculiar trait of a bohemian? Yes, indeed! If with itchy feet and a restless soul, you are still sitting behind your office desk, staring at your smartphone in a dreadful anticipation of the next mail your boss might send, it's time you ink wanderlust. At least this way you will put out your heartfelt desire to travel far and wide, to seek answers to your honest questions, and to be humbled as you live off the land in the universe, who with all its power shall conspire to make your dreams come true. The time is now, to believe, wish, and travel to feed your soul's wanderlust.
Henna style bohemian tattoo
The art of making henna or mehendi design on hands and feet during festivities is a notion akin to the Middle-East and Indian subcontinent. With globalization and increasing appreciation of the intricate patterns, complexity strokes, and the astounding beauty the effort of drawing mehendi culminates into, these designs have definitely become popular amongst tattoo lovers. The cool characteristic of henna, its ability to create beauty out of complexity, and the patterns that bestow grace on the wearer, make it suitable for interesting bohemian tattoo designs.
Bohemian wings tattoo
Wings are for those who want to soar high, up above, to realize their ambitions, live their dreams, and find a peace within. Angel wings, typically bohemian wings, are the feathered ones which stand for enlightenment, protection, and inspiration. You can incorporate words in between your wings too for a specific meaning. The best place to have wings tattooed are on both shoulder blades, as it provides ample space for the artistry to reveal itself.
Bohemian quotes tattoo
Bohemian quotes and sayings are words that perfectly convey the meaning of what this idea stands for. There can be no better way than this to wear what you truly feel on your sleeve. Here are a few lines that you can ink.
  • Beautiful things don't seek attention.
  • Not all those who wander are lost.
  • All good things are wild and free.
  • Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
These tattoo designs are representations of common associations that we have made with the bohemian lifestyle over the years. However, to be a bohemian is to live a life which is described by constructive waywardness and an urge to absorb every experience as a positive one.
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