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Tantalizing Thigh Tattoo Designs for Women That are Truly Epic

Thigh Tattoo Designs For Women
Right from stars, flowers, butterflies, to snakes or dragons, there are myriad design options for women to choose when making a thigh tattoo. Every tattoo picture is symbolic of something.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Tattoo making is one of the most famous forms of art today, loved by men and women all over the world. Tattooing is commonly found in teenagers and young adults. A tattoo can be made on any part of the body depending on its size. They are usually made on arms, neck, and the back. However, if your profession does not allow you to tattoo yourself on these places, you can go for thigh tattoos.
Thigh Tattoo Designs and Ideas
As mentioned above, one of the many advantages of having a tattoo made on your thigh is that you can easily hide it or flaunt it, anytime you want. Secondly, it is possible to make large and elaborate designs on thighs. When looking for tattoo designs, you will find that certain designs are feminine and appeal more to women. Here are some interesting tattoo designs for women.
Butterfly Tattoo
rising butterfly tattoo
When it comes to feminine tattoos, nothing can beat butterfly tattoos. The beauty, delicate nature, and very appealing appearance of the butterfly makes it a popular tattoo design. A butterfly symbolizes freedom, transformation, and change. Butterfly tattoo ideas include a single butterfly, a pair flying together, or a combination of butterfly and flower together. Butterfly tattoos are colorful, graceful, and utterly feminine.
Vine Tattoos
vine tattoo
In my opinion, a vine is simply the most ideal design that can be used to make a tattoo on legs or thighs. Starting from your knee upwards or round on your thighs, either ways, this tattoo looks very charming and attractive. Vine tattoos can be made by using designs of ivy, grapevine, etc. A vine tattoo symbolizes good luck and power. You can also add butterfly or flowers to the vine in order to make it more attractive.
Dragon Tattoos
dragon tattoo
The dragon is one of the mysterious and awe-inspiring characters found in several folklore and mythical tales. With its majestic appearance, the dragon represents virtues like courage, bravery, and might. Design ideas include a single fire-breathing dragon, intertwined dragons, Chinese dragon, and so on. As the thigh has a large surface area, a large tattoo like the dragon can be a good option.
Tribal Art
tribal face
tribal sun
As the name suggests, tribal tattoos are inspired from tribal art found in different parts of the world. These tattoos are easily identified due to their dark, heavy, black patterns. You can go for a meaningful tribal tattoo like the tribal sun (meaning power, courage) or the tribal heart (meaning love, commitment), or go for an abstract design that has no real meaning but is very appealing visually.
Flower Tattoo
flower tattoo
Flower tattoos are favored because they are beautiful, have myriad options to choose from, and are also meaningful. You can choose from between hundreds of flower species available all over the world. Some of the most popular flower tattoo designs include rose (meaning love, passion), iris (wisdom), lotus (peace), sunflower (energy), lily (relationship), etc.
Angel and Fairy
angel tattoo
fairy tattoo
Mythical characters, most commonly fairies and angles, are very popular tattoo designs among women because they are fashionable, feminine, and positive symbols. An angel is considered as the protector of mankind, and hence, these tattoos symbolize protection, hope, courage, and power. Secondly, a fairy symbolizes mystery, beauty, affection, etc.
Bird Tattoo
eagle tattoo
raven atttoo
We all have wished at least once in our life to soar high in the sky like a bird. Those who truly treasure their freedom or independence usually go for a bird tattoo. Similar to flower tattoos, every bird has a symbolic meaning of its own. You can go for the eagle (meaning power, might), dove (peace, love), falcon (intelligence), swallow (commitment), and so on. A phoenix can also be an interesting thigh tattoo design for women.
Snake Tattoo
snake tattoo
A snake is perceived as a negative symbol by many. This is because it is associated with destruction, danger, or death. However, did you know that there are many other positive meanings associated with the snake tattoo? Few people are aware that a snake symbolizes mystery, magic, secrets, wisdom, transformation, etc. A snake is also one of the most powerful symbols of sexuality. The way in which the snake is pictured, plays a great role in describing its meanings.
Mermaid Tattoo
water nymph
A mermaid is a mythical character that has intrigued people since a very long time. Being half-fish half-woman, this character has both positive and negative connotations. A mermaid symbolizes mystery, magic, beauty, femininity. Sometimes, a mermaid is portrayed as a seductress who lures sailors.
Apart from the mermaid, you can also look into Chinese, Hindu, Greek, or Roman mythology for some more mythical characters that can be used as tattoo designs. (*Make sure you do not hurt sentiments of any particular group with your art)
Zodiac Tattoo
scorpio tattoo
leo tattoo
Now, if you want something very personal and close, you can go for zodiac tattoos (that is, in case you believe in astrology). Every zodiac sign has a zodiac symbol, glyph, date ranges, and a lucky color. You can use either of these elements to make your tattoo. Apart from the Western signs and symbols, another option is to consider Chinese zodiac symbols. Even in case of Chinese astrology, there are characteristic traits and meanings associated with each sign.
Apart from these, other popular thigh tattoo designs include nautical star, heart, Japanese symbols, Koi fish, etc. Secondly, if you are adventurous and do not wish to go for feminine tattoo designs, then you can think of having a skull tattoo. A simple skull with bones, the grim reaper, the Mexican skull, or the tribal skull are some of the designs to consider.
A tattoo should be made only by a certified professional tattoo artist. You should follow aftercare tips to prevent infection. So, select the best design for yourself (the one with which you can relate to), have a rough design made, consult the artist, and go for it. Good luck!
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