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Small Tattoo Ideas

Small Tattoo Ideas
Tattoos are reflections of your truest feelings. If you find large tattoos a bit too ostentatious for your liking, you can always consider small tattoo ideas and discuss them with your artist.
Mukta Gaikwad
If you can't get a big one, get a small one. A tattoo, with its sophisticated charm which can get the required attention at its tattooed person's demand. With such a power, small tattoos have become famous the world over. Small tattoos are feminine and look cute when inked on ankles, lower abdomen or near the collarbone. If you are new to getting permanent ink marks on your skin, small tattoo ideas would be the best to consider seriously. They take little space, cost less and importantly, get easily hidden in case you don't like it.
Ideas for Small Tattoos
Star Tattoos
The evergreen star tattoo is one of the ideal small tattoo designs for women. Nautical star tattoos, pentagram, shooting star, the Star of David, and a string of star dust are some of the commonly made star tattoo designs. Star tattoo meanings differ, so depending on the meaning of star tattoos, you can select a tattoo that suits your personality. Stars look great on the wrist, lower back, hips, shoulder, and clavicle for women. Men can get it on the upper arm, side, back shoulders, or wrists.
Celtic Tattoos
Celtic tattoos have seen a resurgence over the recent years. These cryptic chains and crosses are great designs for tattoos. Celtic knot designs around fingers, upper arms symbolize their culture and the incredible heritage. Celtic knot meanings depict complexity of life, power to defeat the evil, intertwining of love, the trinity knot stands for unison of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The Pagan religion fanatics were staunch believers in powers of the earthly spirits and the connection it shared with the universe.
Exotic Flower Tattoos
Exotic flower tattoos are perfect for girls. Flower tattoo designs denote femininity, love, and beauty. Pink rose tattoo depicts admiration, white lily which stands for purity, and daisies represent innocence, loyalty, and faith are excellent ideas for small tattoos. A tattoo of Angelica, which means inspiration and magic, Buttercup tattoo which represents richness of personality and Morning Glory flowers speak of departure and affection. Make sure you know what the flowers depict and mean before you get them inked.
Zodiac Tattoos
Zodiac tattoos don't need any explanation. Wear your zodiac sign on your sleeve and sport your character. If you are cusp there's more to experiment with. Zodiac tattoos can be combined with flowers, gemstones, climbers, and even letters to make them look exquisite.
Tribal Tattoos
The art of tattooing started with the tribals. For them tattoos were not just body art, but a mark of honor, pride, punishment, designation, love, remorse, and remembrance. The adaption of tattoos as body art comes from there. Thus, tribal tattoos are also good options for small tattoos. Tribal butterfly tattoos, dragons, the four elements of earth, fire, air and space, tigers, fish tattoos, moon, sun, claws, star constellations, interlaced designs, flowers, and dotted designs are some of the tribal tattoos designs that for long have been icons of great emperors and persons in supreme authority.
In the olden days, tattoos were worn for identification purposes above others. Today, this method of permanent inking is more famous for cosmetic and visual enhancement to the body. Experimenting with small tattoos is the best option for those juggling with the idea of getting a tattoo. Make sure to get the right tattoo artist to get the job done safely.
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